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  1. Last night I caught The Room for the first time, and definitely need to listen to this again. Watching this movie, I actually thought about robots. (as in, the kind that are supposed to resemble people - not, like, industrial robots) One of the challenges presented by the people who are working in robotics today is, they're not particularly lifelike yet, right? They're still essentially animatronic mannequins, and they're as "intelligent" and independent as whatever software is running them. In the future, they'll be like, say, Blade Runner, A.I., etc - much more realistic. At some point along that curve, the pinnacle of robotic technology will be robots that talk and behave like the characters in this movie. It'll be like, "wow these robots look very realistic, and *almost* move like actual people, but they're not quite there yet, especially when it comes to how they talk..." I give that, what..... 7 to 10 years...?