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    Homework: Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

    I remember watching this film when I was in middle school and feeling like it was the first "real important film" I had seen. So its kind of important to me, and I'll probably end up voting for it just because of that, also the art direction is pretty slick. That said I agree, it's not Audrey Hepburn's best. Hepburn really doesn't seem to fit the character, but she's shot so well and costumed so immaculately that she seems to make the movie cooler, more sophisticated. While I would have rather seen Marilyn Monroe in the movie (like Capote had wanted), Hepburn at least owns the film, and makes it interesting to watch. Holly Golightly could have been an interesting character, who unfortunately has been filtered through the male perspective of "women are crazy." This was the framework for the manic pixie dream girl. The unobtainable, otherworldly, nutty girl that the guy ultimately obtains, and lives happily ever after, apparently.
  2. avillaurru14

    Episode 85: BOOGIE NIGHTS vs TWBB

    This is so unfair but I think I've made the right decision. I usually recommend TWBB more than Boogie Nights to people because it never ceases to impress me, but mostly because fewer people have seen TWBB over BN. But I feel like Boogie Nights is such great showcase of exceptional acting and it's so well constructed. I love how it really makes you feel a part of the 70s. And what perfect casting. There's so much to this movie without feeling overlong (at least for me). And I probably would have had to change my profile pic if I did vote against Boogie Nights.
  3. Hellraiser 2 Is great. An interesting and expanded vision of hell with way more cenobite action
  4. avillaurru14

    Did Herbert West kill the Cat?

    West killed the cat and he's probably killed before. Guy just kills people who get in the way of his experiment. Then he probably rationalizes that he's trying to save lives in the end or whatever But I've never read the short story so maybe I'm wrong
  5. avillaurru14

    Similar film podcasts?

    Yea wish it was more than a monthly. My dream Canon episode would be one where Andrea Subissati or Alex West guested.
  6. avillaurru14

    Homework: Ed Wood (1994)

    Agreed. These episodes would be great.
  7. avillaurru14

    Similar film podcasts?

    Faculty of Horror is a podcast from two girls using their graduate degrees to analyze horror films. Really interesting podcast. Not boring like I made it sound Blank Check with Griffin and David is also a funny podcast that examines the enitre film trajectory of a big budget director like George Lucas and Shyamalan and the Wachowskis
  8. avillaurru14

    Homework: Ed Wood (1994)

    But is a b movie allowed to be in the canon? It would be great discussion
  9. avillaurru14

    Homework: Ed Wood (1994)

    Possibly the best bio pic of all time? Inventive and puts you right in the mindset of Ed Wood. With a cast of characters you can't help but love. Maybe a little too sugary and omits (or I guess stops before) Ed Woods alcoholism and pornographic film career. This is a film on Wood at his "best." Even though it's not the whole picture I'd rather watch this than The Theory of Everything or The Aviator which make me feel like I just read a Wikipedia page.
  10. Dorinda was for sure drunk. Why wouldn't she be? Also trout snatch should be sweeping the nation. Also I love Dorindas berkshires home and her crazy decor. Also I will never get over bethenny screaming "you fuck everyone!!" Feel like sending a gif of that to everyone of my friends
  11. avillaurru14

    Homework: Marilyn v Marilyn

    Can't wait to hear what Amy thinks of "Gentlemen prefer blondes" and its portrayal of blondes. Can't wait for this episode. As fun as "gentlemen" can be though, "Some like it Hot" is the better movie I think. Need to rewatch though
  12. avillaurru14

    Favorite and least favorite movies in The Canon

    Favorite: King Kong (Especially enjoyed the commentary, still an amazing film) Least favorite: Chi-Raq (I love Do the Right Thing and Spike Lee but I have to agree that Tangerine should have been the 2015 movie pick. Hopefully there's a Tangerine episode in the future. If feature length movies are being filmed on Go Pros now I think it merits an episode.) Happy it didn't make it in: Inception, American Beauty
  13. avillaurru14

    Episode 68 - Antichrist (w/ Michael Lerman)

    Yes. It's a challenging but beautiful film, and thats what makes it canon worthy. And it's absolutely a horror film