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  1. Matt_L

    The Last Boy Scout (1991)

    It's awesomely bad. Striking Distance is another Willis contender.
  2. Matt_L

    Striking Distance (1993)

    More Bruce! There's another thread for Last Boy Scout. Color of Night is awful, too.
  3. The door to bad Bruce Willis movies was opened w/Hudson Hawk. Striking Distance and The Last Boy Scout are up next. If they didn't want him to make waves they shouldn't have put him on the water....
  4. Matt_L

    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    Hey! I'm new to Comedy Bang Bang and was very pleasantly surprised to find an entire conversation devoted to my favorite band since 1991. Early Phish songs are really about composition (Trey's major) and the playing and not the lyrics. Yeah, Reba is one of my favorite Phish tunes but it's not one I would use to introduce someone to the band. Sand would be a good place to look for lyrics that aren't laughable. Highlight the musicianship and the improv; that's what its really all about. Play the peak of the Ghost jam from 12/31/10, Steam jam from Dicks, sections of Harry Hood... When is the next chapter? Can I help pick tunes for it?