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  1. I watched this movie with my co-host when we were kids and he's still scared of it.


    If they do this movie they should have him on. He'll start getting this tremolo in his voice as if he was discussing a legitimate childhood trauma if you bring up this movie. Honestly, like, you can ruin his night by bringing up Event Horizon.... it's the most hilarious kind of PTSD.

  2. There's a bunch of garbage TV shows on Hulu like "Genuine Ken: The Search for America's Best Boyfriend" and some bollywood idol show where half the dudes on it are middle aged IT engineers. There's a show called "In the VIP" which is supposedly a professional league for pickup artists, set in Canada... one of the judges is billed as an "all-star sports inspired master of seduction." God, I wish I fucking made that up.


    Anyhoo, I don't know if it would be a good segment or maybe something that could be incorporated there, but there's a lot of terrible stuff in the world that's not restricted to movies. In fact, there's a lot of shit out there in all forms of media when you think about it, so maybe a bit that's inclusive of other stuff. Korn has a dubstep album for instance...



    Either way, it could be something cool to tack into a minisode, a two minute review of something that's really bad in the bridge between intro and setting up the next episode. The minisodes have been getting longer every week anyway so I think it'd be good to set up an extra bit of content in there.