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  1. Correction & Omission / rewrite suggestion


    I don't know how to say this exactly, but even tho I love this movie for how bat shit it is, I would maybe love it more if it made just a little more sense in one specific area. Sean Archers decision to go through with the face switch, makes absolutely zero sense. No one would ever agree to do something that risky and insane, unless they were a maniacal psychopath with nothing to lose, which this movie happens to have. Why not write it so that Castor Troy kidnaps Archer, and switches faces to infiltrate the FBI, and simultaneously send his nemesis to prison? That way you wouldn't have to worry about why Archer lies to his family risking so much for a plan that is anything but foolproof, why Troy wakes up, why no one else was informed about the face switching, you could still do the prison escape and family switch, You could even make it so Archer accidently kills Troy's kid, giving him reason for the crazy revenge plot and making a good person have to wrestle with a more complicated emotional arc, I think every aspect about the reverse scenario is much much better, but of course I do it's my idea.

    Thank you for reading, Sincerely Harry Charles,

    p.s. please consider someday doing

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  2. A great example of M.P. was just brought back to my attention this weekend when I saw Nick Thune, he's got a bit that mentions the bogus statisitic that on average a person will eat three spiders a year while sleeping. A statistic that is not only false but was created by someone to prove the point in that false information can be extememly contagious. As he mentioned it I noticed several people around me nodding and guestering to their table mates as if to say "yeah, I've heard that!"

  3. So Matt Besser is doing a character of himself? I'm pretty sure the stories he told in character were just his real experiences. Still funny but a bit too meta for me.


    Also, in general I'm dissapointed at the reaction to Jay Mohr. He's been doing this a long time and yet many people's reactions are, "oh wow, he ACTUALLY did well." I think it's super insulting. If you've been listening to his appearances on Adam Carolla, you're getting the same level of comedy. Not to mention he is a twenty year veteran of comedy since doing two years on SNL starting in '93. Jay is great, don't be surprised about it please.


    Everybody's mad at ya for not being 100% on board when besser just wants to take a fucking victory lap, and celebrate the birth of his first child, but my issue is that you would assume I listen to Adam Carolla's podcast.

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