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    Episode 182.5 — 5/30/14 TWO CHARTED 121

    "I WORKED AT PF CHANG" made me laugh so hard, mostly because I could imagine it so well in my mind's eye. Armen, bless his bruised heart and ego -- his playlist was A+
  2. OMG, a Rattle and Hum discussion with Bangs? I can hardly contain myself. The album itself is meh, but the video? It's a great tour of America and worth watching. Angel of Harlem <3. That said, the best part about Rattle and Hum is knowing what comes next --- Achtung Baby, which is a perfect album.
  3. And yep, Scott, despite the hesitation, was correct in liking REM more. REM is just the best.
  4. I love that you brought this up, as "All That You Can't Leave Behind" while still a good album, was/is an important album because of 9/11. That performance of "Walk On" was one thing, but also their Super Bowl performance where the names of everyone who died was scrolled on an epic scale. I saw U2 live on the Elevation tour before 9/11 and again after 9/11, but before that Super Bowl performance...and it just felt special and awesome and powerful. Even "New York" didn't seem awful at the time. That said, I absolutely stand by my belief that "Beautiful Day" was the song that saved that saved their reputation, but I digress. youtu.be/Zqtkik7nTik U2 and Bono have had an adoration and glorification about the US and the American ideal since the start -- that's interesting and has resulted in excellent songs. They're more pro-US than I can even wrap my brain around.
  5. This is my new favorite thing and it's not even a thing yet. I don't believe in guilty pleasures, as I don't feel any guilt about anything that brings me pleasure, and U2 is great. Bat Dance it up. While it is common knowledge that Joshua Tree is perfect and then Achtung Baby is more than perfect, please appreciate how underrated and how lovely Pop was. With the exception of Miami, that album has improved with time. Also, I fully expect a convo about how 9/11 made U2 relevant again, as "All That You Can't Leave Behind" turned into something important and something so heartwarming and lovely and it wasn't on purpose initially.
  6. kt

    Jon Favreau #165

    Welp, this is lovely. Growing up, my BFF and I adored two films: Titanic (so embarrassing) and Swingers. One of them holds up. Also, why did our parents allow us to watch either of those movies? Anyway... And my BFF? She went to film school in Vancouver and is currently getting shit done in LA. While I don't care about movies in any way, shape or form -- she's super passionate, doing well, and we text each other Swingers quotes regularly. Every outsider thinks we're obnoxious...but we get it. At the end of the day, Favereau doesn't do anything for me, but he truly shaped my best friend's life. Good guy.
  7. kt

    Episode 110 — Single Guy Vibe

    Kulap's story about her bulimic roommate made me cringe. I hope that girl isn't recognizable via what was said. Anyway, @mradamscott is always a good podcast guest. He's hilarious...but mostly I'm impressed by his knowledge of everything pop culture past and present.
  8. kt

    Episode 54 — Niggardly

    While the meaning has not changed, people who use the word do so in order to get a reaction and they're assholes. It's simple: Don't be an asshole.
  9. Wonderful. Bless this trio of guests. I adore them all and THEY ARE HILARIOUS.
  10. kt

    Episode 165 — Hoo-ah!

    On what newfangled device do you listen to podcasts that lacks the ability to fast-forward/jump ahead? I seriously want to know, so I make sure I don't buy it, ever. I need to protect my EARHOLES. (it's definitely a shitty ad, I don't think anyone would disagree. But it's surely paying the bills, You can handle it. At least it isn't "ManGrate" -- though that would crack for up for at least a minute if it happened on Earwolf)
  11. kt

    Episode 164 — Clifton Was Here

    Fascinating. I got it and I get it. That said, this episode proved what I already knew: Ben Schwartz is amazing. The "Clifton" interview aside (wonderful. imo), Schwartz is not only hilarious, but he is A+. Every podcast he's been on, be it on an Earwolf or others, he just seems so kind, as he regularly inquires and praises others and those interviewing him. He might not know he's doing it or maybe he just has ridiculously good manners, Regardless, I think Ben Schwartz is a great. He's done great things, he's doing great things, and I hope he does sooo many more great things. He's the kind of person that one wants to root for. It's lovely when nice people are successful.
  12. kt

    Episode 81 — Cheetos & Horseradish

    So many of these comments are ridiculous. I was expecting to hate this episode, but it was good. That said, I'm definitely not a fan of ANYONE eating/chewing/swallowing/burping into the mic. It's just gross and unpleasant. Digestive sounds are repulsive and cheap humor. No thank you. (except for the occasional fart)
  13. kt

    Episode 163 — Burning Love

    My adoration of Ken Marino is borderline unhealthy. I'm convinced he's one of the most hilarious people in the world. This episode tops my favorite list for this year. There are many months to go, but it'll take something great to beat it. Just saying.