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    Episode 97 — Santa Anas!

    I'm Samson from the previous page - maybe I got blocked, or I'm too drunk to remember how to log into my account. Whatever, figured I'd just re-register. This thread has been cleansed to an Orwellian degree, good job Aukerman. Free discourse apparently makes your ass hurt so you need to delete Christ knows how much. Apparently I was the first in a tidal wave of "fuck this episode?" Or "fuck Totally Laime," one of the worst podcasts in the Earwolf Challenge? Whatever. I didn't expect Haddad to be the female Tompkins, but considering Tompkins married her I did assume she would be lucid, intelligent, thoughful, and funny. She was none of that. She was essentially some random ditz who, set against Laime's own dull ditziness, made for painful listening. All that aside, it's a shame that Scott can't handle criticism. I'm not making "death threats." This is called criticism. More than one person hates this shit. Let it be said without feeling the need to overmoderate. Maron manages it, which is why his one podcast out does all of yours. Put your fragile ego back in its case and recognize half the shit on Earwolf isn't good. That's a pretty average ratio. Take it like an adult.