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  1. TheWolfDead

    Episode 40.5 — Minisode 40.5

    Once peter threw the pumpkin bomb back at harry, the movie was over for me. Screw the dancing scene, peter dancing is weird but it doesn't go against "with great power comes great responsibility" the way throwing a pumpkin bomb at your best friend does. The last half of the movie was a giant middle finger, one to the studio for making Raimi put venom in it, one to the audience for wanting venom in the first place. Sam was doing classic spiderman villains, if this was a sandman centered movie it would have been great. The scene where he forms himself back into Flint Marko from sand was beautiful.
  2. TheWolfDead

    Episode 166 — Farts and Procreation 2

    "She's a bird" 'she said' "Then we fucked, and I ate her butt" The only thing this episode needed was a new "My Sharona" game of thrones mashup.
  3. TheWolfDead

    Episode 124 — Teasing Embargo

    YOGI BEAR!! DENVER! YEAH!! T.J.'s type of comedy and general personality is very opposite to andy and elizabeth's, and somehow the podcast couldn't have been more charming.
  4. TheWolfDead

    Episode 123 - Good Girl

    I want an "Andy's Heartfelt Steampunk moment" segment every episode.
  5. TheWolfDead

    Episode 122 — Blastula!

    Emily was adorable in this episode! I even went back after the episode to see if she gave Garden State a proper "lame", and yes, yes she did.
  6. TheWolfDead

    Episode 159 — Apicklelypse

    I got in a substantial amount of trouble in middle school for asking what a quiff/queef/quief was. The teacher spelled it queef on my pink slip so I've been going with that.
  7. TheWolfDead

    Episode 119 — Cool Snap, Bro!

    Another big lame for Garden State! I feel tempted to send Zach Braff an Mp3 of every lame his movie has received on Totally Laime.
  8. TheWolfDead

    Episode 117 — Ball Cauldron

    I don't know what's funnier. The guy shouting "Eat Up Fatty" to Elizabeth eating a candy bar or the 12 year old girl saying "yo suck my cunt" to john.
  9. TheWolfDead

    Episode 155 — Fingerbang Lindbergh

    I checked amazon for Patton's dvd of Finest Hour and was amused by the frequently bought together pair up.
  10. TheWolfDead

    Episode 72 — Scientific Matter

    Four of the best people on one podcast!
  11. TheWolfDead

    Episode 115 — Have Fun With It!

    The story about Jensen's adopted sister blew my mind. Great episode! How come no new TotallyLaimePodcast youtube videos anymore?
  12. TheWolfDead

    Episode 114 — Phish Phriends!

    Kate's "Lame forever!" reply to Garden State the movie on rapid fire, and Andy's reaction to it was so much fun to listen to.
  13. TheWolfDead

    Episode 33.5 — Minisode 33.5

    Darn it Shannon, now i'm inspired to watch the "one track lover" darkplace song!
  14. TheWolfDead

    Episode 149 — Live from SXSW 2012

    You go Scott!
  15. TheWolfDead

    Episode 148 — Wipeout!

    That comedy bang bang sneak peak on ifc got me more excited than the dark knight rises trailer.
  16. TheWolfDead

    Episode 109 — Tea Time!

    Very well said. What I think Andy and Liz are referring to with their ideas of the death penalty and the " back in the day" statement in particular is the idea that when something horrible happens to us, it's at least a nice feeling to know there is an option to definitively end the person who caused it. Call it cathartic. I do agree that as a society, we should strive to be less illogical and primal with our anger, and be more constructive with it. However, we put the burden of lawfully killing someone on society's shoulders, so when an innocent person is put to death, the scope of morality and authority becomes blurry and confusing. If someone has their family taken from them by an individual, and the victim enacts vengeance, the burden of that death is on them, but so is the satisfaction of being the judge, jury, and executioner. It's a tricky subject and you're probably right, maybe I've seen Kill Bill far too many times.
  17. TheWolfDead

    Episode 109 — Tea Time!

    Sure, there were horrible aspects of society two centuries ago. But the justice system hasn't necessarily improved when it comes to dealing with morality. Going outside of the law to stick up for your personal freedoms seems completely moral ( drug use, abortion, gay marriage, etc.) and vigilante justice in certain cases also seems fair. "Back in the day" doesn't always mean the specific era in which slavery was it's most prevalent.
  18. TheWolfDead

    Episode 65 — Dubstep on the Grass

    So this whole podcast was amazing, but to highlight a hidden gem i heard in the podcast during the break in the adomian/kulap folk duet. Adomian: Hey what kind of laptop is that? Howard: Oh, it's one of those "Flip-Opens". Adomian: Well, Flip it open then!!
  19. TheWolfDead

    Episode 146 — Climbing the Ladder

    I'm comfortable with my masculinity so i'll say it, I like Bjork's music. She might be a crazy Icelandic bitch, but she can grunt melodies better than any other artist. Also, Reggie's Humbolt Brag should become a stoner meme.
  20. TheWolfDead

    Episode 108 — Colon Health!

    "I'm farting on the inside" - Dan Gregor You guys were awesomely giggly this episode
  21. TheWolfDead

    Episode 64 — Rolling In The Deep

    Any movie where ryan reynolds says "thundercunt" is alright in my book.
  22. TheWolfDead

    Episode 64 — Rolling In The Deep

    Jars, it's one of my guilty pleasure's i guess. But like i said, half the cast tried pretty damn hard to save that movie.
  23. TheWolfDead

    Episode 64 — Rolling In The Deep

    Ryan Reynolds was the doctor in Harold and Kumar go to white castle, and without him, parker posey, and patton oswalt, Blade 3 wouldn't have been nearly as watchable. Other than that, eh.
  24. TheWolfDead

    Episode 145 — A Family Affair

    I see David Wain's son 20 years from now talking about this scarring and confusing experience to his therapist.