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    Episode 256 - Tom Scharpling, Our New Host

    I have to hand it to the Boys and even Tom. Judging from Instagram and Kelly Oxford’s whooping four days as a tv writer, it’s apparently the most difficult job in the world. Every day she’s posting for advice on how to handle tasks during an 8 hour day or talking about crying in her office. Man. Good for Hayes and Sean that they handle such a horrible job with grace. That’s probably why they do the podcast: for sanity.
  2. HardLuckAndy

    Episode 82 — Turn the (Ellen) Page

    I have sympathy for Mimi Lepage in her lawsuit against the Dunkerleys. I think it's impossible for her to get fair trial due to the extremely low odds she will have an impartial jury. After all, Justice is also blind - ZOOM!
  3. Seth Morris deserves a Golden Globe in the "Comedy or Musical" category for this performance, especially since only one of the actual noms is either a comedy or a musical. Way to cover both bases, Bob! When I finish my law degree and get a high-ranking Hollywood-type off on a technicality, causing them to owe me a favor, I'm giving it to you!