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  1. Hey Robot Castle, you can find "Goodnight Annabelle" at the Bobby Matthews bandcamp link.
  2. bobbymatthews

    Music from improv4humans.

    The song you were referring to is called Now(Never Before) & is available on my band camp site (bobbymatthews ). Hope you like It!
  3. When my old band was on tour in the 90's we were scheduled to play a house party one night. The drummer & guitar player went ahead to check in & determine what the set up was and what equipment the space might require.As the bass player and myself peered outside the van we commented to each other how absolutely decrepit the house from the outside & how disgusting the yard looked (broken beer bottles,trash, etc.). Our guitar player came out & told us it was an anarchist punk house & that they were giving each other mad dog (MogenDavid=cheapest wine available) enemas. This was one of the only shows we ever cancelled in the history of our band.
  4. bobbymatthews

    Episode 39 — Baby Gate

    Benamation, Bobby from Dragoon here. The song is "Cowcatcher" and it will be available on our upcoming LP on LA's Fine records.
  5. bobbymatthews

    Episode 25 — Hiroshima Orgies

  6. bobbymatthews

    Episode — Broken Mother's Back

    "How bout all yo mother's hair"................Priceless.
  7. bobbymatthews

    Episode 20 — Darker Than Nougat

    "Careful............my people are Ozarks"
  8. I'm not a sports enthusiast in the least, yet would claim this bonus episode to be among my favorites! (It is fun to hear Besser flip out!)
  9. "Secrets and lies! Secrets and lies!". Nice Mike Leigh reference!
  10. bobbymatthews

    Episode 16 — Memorabilia

    aaaaaaand you're eating come.
  11. bobbymatthews

    Episode 8 — Goon Fight

    "This isn't Fort Knox, dude, it's the state fair." Hilarious!
  12. bobbymatthews

    Episode 5 — Wistfulness & Kevin

    The theme music is "Chad's Lament" by Dragoon
  13. bobbymatthews

    Episode 3 — Sassy Baby

    Kyle, the song at 8:08 is "night of the loving dead" available at bobbymatthews bandcamp. Hope you liked it!