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    His mom threw Paul's Weird Al records in the trash because she thought they were "satanic". EVERYTHING COMES BACK TO WEIRD AL, PEOPLE!!!


    (I guess in some quarters, having parents who obsessively worry about the influence of Satan is considered "normal").


    Maybe Paul was in possession of "the object" and therefor really was channeling Satan

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  2. Nice Best Show shirt, Jake! Yesterday, Rebecca Cole from Wild Flag shared a picture of her chest wearing the very same T, and she called it her prized possession. Can you explain the Newbridge reference to me? Maybe point me towards an episode from their archives? Did you know Tom Scharpling directed her group's "Romance" music video? Fogelnest Files is a great podcast, especially the Kim Fowley one! Thank you.

    Newbridge is the fictional town in New Jersey that Jon Wurster's characters (for the most part) are from.

  3. I've bought the albums and listened to most of the Best Show Gems but haven't delved into the Best Show itself... any recommendations on where to start? Specific episodes or eras? I get kind of OCD when it comes to consuming pop culture and it's a daunting task for me...


    I started by listening to episodes with guests that I like. The Patton, Paul F. Tompkins, Aimee Mann, Ted Leo, John Hodman episodes are always amazing. I'd say start with one featuring someone you like and go from there

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  4. how do you play .RAM or whatever? i just wanted to go listen to the thing you brought up, spent 15 minutes trying to figure out what would play it, and failed.


    man, fuck any site that tried to make "real media" a thing, it's garbage, and by now you should have converted to mp3 or something normal and not shitty


    The newer episodes have a pop-up player, but for the older episodes, like this one i just down-load it and play it with realplayer, I know that might seem like a hassle, but that episode is fantastic, I'll second a recommendation for it.

  5. This was a great episode, and I can't wait to read Nathan's book (when it was mentioned on the Best Show and what its subject matter was I knew I had to get it). My main problem with juggalos and the ICP is how homophobic and sexist what they are all about is. I tend to be you like what you like and I won't disabuse you of that, and they are all about "family" or whatever, but their family is so hateful that I can't get on board, regardless of my opinion of their music or the music of psycopathic records. #Helicopter Rides.

  6. There's a couple of stupid plot points that I thought should be cleared up (not that they really matter). The opening sequence says humans evacuated earth 1000 years ago. When they got to the new planet some "aliens" dropped the "ursas" on the planet - which were specifically designed to kill humans. Bizarrely the aliens are never really mentioned or explained - or even given a name. Then apparently the humans were helpless until Cypher Raige - the "original ghost" - developed his ghosting technique. Of course this makes no sense. Were the ursas dropped on the planet a thousand years ago? How long ago then? If Cypher was the first to develop ghosting, wouldn't the humans have been wiped out long before he was born? If the ursas were designed, why don't they have eyes and why didn't the aliens just re-design them to compensate for the ghosting technique? Also, why would the plants and animals be designed to kill humans if humans left the planet 1000 years ago? It would make no sense. Anyways, just a few of the many things that made no sense about this film.

    So then are the aliens dropping the "ursas" onto humanity to destroy them an allusion to Xenu dropping the alien ghost souls onto humans to completely fuck them up?


    It was actually Seth Kramer, one of the other co-directors of the movie. But yes, highly reccomended by me as well. Scharpling blew Seth Kramer's mind by revealing the depths of his Morton Downey fandom -- Tom revealed that he has a "mint condition" Morton Downey board game (who knew there was such a thing?), amongst other paraphernalia. I believe Tom also said he still has a ticket for one of Downey's show tapings ... a ticket he never used because he "chickened out".


    I'm gonna have to see that movie. The experience will probably scar me, but I'm gonna have to see it.


    (Side note: I saw "Room 237" because of the Fogelnest Files, and I'm very glad that I did. It was a cool movie to see in a theater with a good sound system. Somehow, a movie with (unseen) speakers theorizing about The Shining was totally immersive and captivating).


    I realized my mistake in saying it was Newberger when it was actually Kramer after I posted that, oops. Regardless great talk.