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  1. Will Forte didn't get it, but I don't think in a way that would be overly unpleasant for either party. My guess would be Jon Heder since they said on the show that it was just sort of set up and they didn't know each other; and he's apparently a mormon so perhaps the uncensored nature of a podcast irked him. Although as Scott says, he edited it quite a bit so it's probably pretty hard to tell.
  2. I was also really impressed by Matt's singing. If you download the freeware Audacity, then you can record what's playing on your computer. It's pretty easy; although I can do it tomorrow for you if you don't feel like learning the program. I really liked this episode; it's great how flexible Matt is with the format. And that Cowcatcher song was really good.
  3. GarbageCan

    Episode 209 — The Bisco Boys

    That Veep ad was such a fake out; here I was thinking CBB season 1 was going to be on blu-ray.
  4. GarbageCan

    Episode 58 — In The Name of The King

    As a Vancouverite, I found this episode very off-putting that we weren't given the honour and credit of producing this gem.
  5. GarbageCan

    Totally Awesome

    Sadly this was filmed at my high school, which compelled me to watch it.
  6. GarbageCan

    I Am Bane

    For those who wanted it to exist outside of the podcast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4F_9ios4jU
  7. GarbageCan

    I Am Bane

    Seeing this reminded me how much I miss Gelmania. Hopefully those of us who weren't at SXSW get a chance to hear yesterday's Gelmania Live in the next little while. Long live the Gelman!
  8. GarbageCan

    Episode 95 — Math

    Ooo, I'm very excited for this topic. And it gives a chance for Kyle to go back to his riddle roots when they were often filled with counting.
  9. GarbageCan

    Episode 206 — Live from SXSW 2013

    Hahahahaha, right after the description of Jash is finished, Scott telling people to go to funnyordie.com/jash was perfect.
  10. I'm jealous of Greg's German accent.
  11. GarbageCan

    Episode 205 — Titans of Comedy

    Those were some real deep pulls between the pittsburgh phantom of the opera ads, and BC's long defunct A&B Sound.
  12. GarbageCan

    Episode 94 — Polyamory

    Has there ever been a photo comparing the different calve sizes of the crew? After hearing the words so much, I'd really like a close up of those tiny calves.
  13. Two words, toaster sausage! L'eggo my sausage.
  14. GarbageCan

    Episode 136 — A Nye For A Nye

    When you call them finger guns, I just picture him making little 'pew pew' noises like a small child.
  15. GarbageCan

    Episode 93 — Youth

    Your wish has been granted... On this week's Sklarbro Country.
  16. GarbageCan

    Episode 203 — The Vicar of Yanks

    Ooo, I hope Scott juxtaposes a filthy joke at the level of seeing Kelly Clarkson 'work a big, fat turd' to the delightfully clean Weird Al.
  17. GarbageCan

    Cracked Out CD/mp3s?

    I was able to find a copy on soulseek. I've put it up for download here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-npKXO9sTkBV2tpb3dEWFVFVG8/edit?usp=sharing
  18. GarbageCan

    Episode 67 — Fish Hook

    Ahh, I'd thought the VPN videos' sound were quite low. In my opinion, the improved visual component of the headset mic's don't make up for their sensitivity to small motions.
  19. GarbageCan

    Episode 91 — Live in Vancouver/Hope

    You can only learn so many riddles in a childhood. And for those listening at home, when Tig was answering the first question, she was shuffling past people to get to the centre of the row. But if you can imagine how you normally pull in your legs, and kind of uncomfortably angle them off to the side to give more room to the person passing; but then that person just stops in front of you for a minute, it leaves that person looking kind of uncomfortable. Anyway, that's what the poor girl next to me had to go through during the question.
  20. GarbageCan

    Episode 200 — Halfway To China

    Wow, did I ever lose it when Andy mentions that the chocolate covered girl has no idea what's happening. Thank god I was at home, if I was on the bus I wouldn't have had a chance of suppressing that laugh.
  21. For those who missed it and are impatient like me, the mini clip left a url to the full episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_529377&feature=iv&src_vid=yuG8s1HMp74&v=6iUOiFxb1sI
  22. GarbageCan

    Please stop with case closed

    Please continue to do case closed.
  23. GarbageCan

    Favorite Characters?

    I'll limit myself to 1/performer. 1. Werner Herzog 2. Bob Ducca 3. Brett Gelman 4. Bjork 5. Hot Dog 6. Merrill Schindler 7. Wompler/Listler 8. Gil Faizon