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    Episode 87 β€” Sexual Attraction Pt 2

    Wow, how have they kept Sascha having a prescription for -19 glasses in the bag for so long? The storys of her yanking out towel racks and writing off pages onto new sheets delight me to no end.
  2. I think there is a difference between congratulating through a personal facebook account and twitter. Because its not that a compliment or offer of congratulations needs to be a secret, but the particular tebow tweet in question likely had no intention of ever reaching this particular coach Strong. And when that lack of intention comes through to your average reader; the way he frames the tweet as a message for the coach comes off as disingenuous. So I think it's a balance of what Matt says is a Hollywood thing, the shouting to the world nature of twitter, and the specific wording of the tweet.
  3. GarbageCan

    Jaws Episode Teased on Who Charted

    Really? I remember seeing a twitter back and forth between those two and scott saying it should happen. I didn't think it would actually happen.
  4. GarbageCan

    Meeting Up

    Gosh, meeting people from the internet sounds dangerous to me. However, I'm tempted. I need to figure out my meeting plan with the people I'm going with first.
  5. GarbageCan

    Episode 193 β€” What Else? What Else?

    Many of you making the point of how good some of the female characters have been on CBB have rightly been naming Lapkus, St. Clair and Parham; but please don't forget some of the fantastic character work of Chelsea Peretti as her tired lady, as well as the 'that's interesting' character.
  6. Hard to improve upon what is already an incredible show. Between the strong structure, the willingness to explore themed episodes that clearly impassion you and now the mention of longer improvs; it's all good. I guess my one thing would be that I think it's odd that PFT has not been on the show. I realize he's not part of the UCB stable, but this show is currently standing between him and his goal of guesting on every single podcast in the world.
  7. GarbageCan

    Jeff Q&A

    What's the ETA on Eric the formerly paid intern helming his own show and eventually usurping Scott as creative head of Earwolf?
  8. This is an incredible first episode. It's pretty unlikely, but I hope Larry David finds his way on some more podcasts eventually.
  9. GarbageCan

    Jeff Q&A

    Awesome. LD in my ears.
  10. GarbageCan

    Jeff Q&A

    I hope it's the young/old comic Don Rickles + Harris Wittels pairing.
  11. GarbageCan

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    OHHHHH YEAH!!!! Yesterday's show made me think of these ads: OHHHHH YEAHH!!
  12. GarbageCan

    84- Live in New York (w Ira Glass)

    I had no problem listening to those clips of the shark attack in this form, but when I listened to it on TIA, the continuous build wore me down to the point that I had to stop listening as they described what she figured was her own autopsy. On the funnier side of things, Aaron's C Diff joke sold me on getting his CD.
  13. Oh, how I wish I could laugh maniacally like Richard Branson.
  14. GarbageCan

    Jeff Q&A

    Do you know who the guests will be for the Vancouver CBB show?
  15. GarbageCan

    Episode 59 β€” Gun Control

    Well for one, if the bank wants to protect their money then they pay for a guard. Fine. Most of them do that. But schools are publicly funded for the most part, and they have a tiny enough budget as it is without having to sacrifice programs to pay for the guard that will hang around ready for an event that happens one time in the country every five years. Apart from the financial strain of it, it leads to the same argument about why arm the good guys when you can just disarm the bad guys.
  16. GarbageCan

    Episode 59 β€” Gun Control

    Yikes, http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2012/12/21/us-obama-newtown-school-gun-control.html Armed guards it is...
  17. GarbageCan

    Episode 59 β€” Gun Control

    I thought both sides handled the 'case closed' segment really well, and found it very helpful in shaping my own opinions on a subject that I hadn't put much thought into since it doesn't come up that much in my country. (The marijuana=shotgun ; cocaine=auto rifles was a good analogy) And while I thought it was interesting to bring up the subject of prohibition as a comparison, the differences in frequency of use, physical/mental dependancy, and result are a little too much. But I did like thinking of the equivalent for a home still in this situation. Homemade automatic weapons would be quite something.
  18. GarbageCan

    Episode 74 β€” Star Trek

    Great job Aaron. The whole time I couldn't help but hear Tig wrangling him in my head, I would love to hear an episode that was just the whole crew listening to this as a clip and commentating over it.
  19. GarbageCan

    Episode 191 β€” 2012 Holiday Spectacular

    The holiday and the anniversary shows are never a let down from the impossibly high expectations they've established. It has been way too long since Harris has been on. It's good to see that the time away has really let that foam ripen. New No No! If Harris ever has a gap between appearances of 25 again, I should have to listen to three albums of Phish for the first time.
  20. GarbageCan

    Jeff Q&A

    I always forget to use my bookmark/earwolf link, thanks for the nifty chrome extension recommendation.
  21. GarbageCan

    Episode 125 β€” That’s So Schaal

    Not sure, normally they'll give a friendly warning if something like that is going to happen. Now that Kris Kardashian has been on the show, I really want to see Greg Gumbel on it.
  22. Yards of Lips, Oakland Cocaine, Taint bush, Agatha Christie's pussy full of blow. So many potential titles; but Bassett Hound Lips is certainly the King.
  23. I'm so happy that this came out. The amount of joy and laughter that Scott Aukerman has given me through CBB and Earwolf is beyond measure. And to see what he does be held with such high regard from his peers gives me a warm feeling. Although I never got a chance to see the LA stand up show, I'm glad to see the positive effect it had on both the comedy community and the community (LA food bank) as a whole. Hooray for Scott, Earwolf, IFC and Audible! (Is it weird that after over three years of devout listening of podcasts I still have yet to even visit audible's website let alone try a free book?)