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  1. I wish James Adomian was on as a guest. His Jesse Ventura would have been great for the Katt Williams writer room.
  2. Buttchugging. The common thread between Sklarbro Country and I4H
  3. GarbageCan

    Episode 50 β€” Gravity

    Well I'm only 7 months late; but I thought the episode was pretty good and my real only problem which matts has mentioned was Christina's dismissal of Aaron's exoplanet discovery method: She mentions watching planets and waiting for a transit as the best method, but as you can imagine the probability of seeing this in 3D space is very rare; and while it has discovered planets before, there are better methods. Primarily the one that Aaron referred to, wobbling. Gravitational orbits affect both bodies, not just the tiny planets. And with bigger planets like Jupiter, you can see the small orbit of the Sun that Jupiter causes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Orbit2.gif And so if you see red/blueshifts, evidence of this wobbling you can infer the size and orbital radius of an exoplanet.
  4. GarbageCan

    Episode 1 β€” Let the Game Begin!

    Werner Herzog, the greatest of dungeon Masters.
  5. GarbageCan

    Episode 189 β€” The Pancake Man

    I love Chris's closing of the gym floor reference on its own, but then to lead to the return of Aukerman's Jimmy Stewart; incredible. Also, is anyone else concerned over the severe deflation of Would You Rather Points?
  6. Thank you for the suggestions, Julia; however, I would really like to get a second opinion from Eric the formerly paid intern on the subject.
  7. GarbageCan

    Episode 123 β€” Flush This, Hide This

    Wow, I would never have guessed Eddie was at the level of sports fandom as making a tin foil stanley cup. It was interesting to hear New York's perspective on the '94 series, as a Vancouverite. Also, if you want you want to blend in while in Edinburgh, you should pronounce it "Edin-burr-uh" to avoid the ire of the locals.
  8. "To be blunt, [she's] a stupid fat little girl" Man these are the best. I'm going to be near LA in a month; if I really love this podcast, can anyone recommend which day I would most enjoy at the UCB theatre?
  9. Whenever Maria talks in a show like this, there is such a kindness to her voice that is absolutely sincere. It is refreshing/inspiring.
  10. GarbageCan

    Tell me something/anything about the NERD POKER podcast!

    http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nerd-Poker/177873265685716 Dreams to come true. Tonight.
  11. GarbageCan

    Demand The Return of Lil' Gary, Please

    Coincidentally, just yesterday I thought of him due to his similar commitment to the show as Marissa Wompler. I think he's due.
  12. GarbageCan

    Episode 55 β€” Pussy Snacks

    That's okay. Improv defies insanity in how it can try the same thing and get a completely different result.
  13. GarbageCan

    Episode 188 β€” Attack of the Shits

    All my christmas wishlist says is womp up the jamz.
  14. GarbageCan

    Ideas to make site better for fans

    I can't remember who, but either Scott/Jeff/Matt has expressed their dislike of rating individual episodes (in regards to podmass) so I don't think we'll see a rating feature.
  15. GarbageCan

    Episode 55 β€” Pussy Snacks

    Ya, I just checked the forum as he started saying it. But he did throw in a couple new details, and considering how many appearances he's made its not surprising.
  16. GarbageCan

    Comedy Bang Bang on tour

    It's as if the Vancouver ComedyFest is sponsored by Earwolf based on 75% of the announcements. I really wish there was some kind of festival pass or some alternative to giving ticketmaster $30.
  17. GarbageCan

    Episode 187 β€” Finger Chimes

    Obviously there are more qualified people that can answer this, but based on Scott's twitter this is him retiring from the putting together the live show at UCB after 10 years. There was no mention of this choice applying to any other forms of CBB.
  18. I'm starting to doubt that Eric is a real person, considering how hilariously amazing his skills as an interview flourished while faced with that intimidating Polish man. @MattBesser The Edgar Allen Poe one, as people have mentioned. And I would say the first Eric the Paid intern segment that lead to the whole why or why not bit from today.
  19. GarbageCan

    Episode 186 β€” New York Mainstays

    I smell some Lukas Holmes written Garry Marshall fan fiction in the works.
  20. GarbageCan

    New Front Page Layout

    Hmm, just noticed this thread. To add to the comedy overload on tuesday I'll say that even though I'm a regular user and know what's coming out, it means a few more clicks to get to the forums; which is trivial but still something to note. And naturally, as has been mentioned before, it's not good for potential new listeners for PB. As a suggestion for the front page: the obvious would be to extend the number of shows you display to something like 5. However if your married to the aesthetic dimensions of 3; perhaps you could play with the layout for the non primary episodes like the Tuesday I4H and SC to make them fill out effectively half the size. That way you can still show all of the shows from the past couple days, and also denote to people that those episodes are different and considered extra.
  21. I thought God intended rape to happen? Too bad Victoria dropped out, that would have been an interesting discussion; but it was still a great episode. I hope all of the Americans on this board vote today.
  22. Does anyone else have an small irrational fear that people nearby can overhear the podcast when listening to it at work? I guess I'm just not ready to share the truth with those inferior sheep around me.
  23. GarbageCan

    Episode 51 β€” Too Soon

    @GM DODDS I'm in agreement with you when it comes to the use of the word itself retard. However, to not allow improvisers to play mentally handicapped people is silly. Just because improvisers don't use the N word, doesn't mean they don't play black people. During these improvs, it is very tempting to resort to stereotypes. This is natural based on the fact that nobody knows whats going to happen beforehand, and so there only way of conveying themselves is to put forth something that everyone can quickly recognize, especially in this audio form. Recognition takes precedent over accuracy for the sake of comedy, and so I don't hold it against the performers for doing that stock handicapped voice. And I think "play[ing] developmentally disabled characters - almost always for laughs" is simplifying it too much. Yes they are aiming to get laughs, but that's what they always going for. In any circumstance when I have watched improv, the decision to take on a character that is truly beyond their personality (White person playing a black person, mentally handicapped person or Edgar Allen Poe), its because its demanded from the scene. How often have you ever seen a professional improv show just have someone initiate the scene as a 'retard' without provocation (ie. in this show, the story before hand did not feature such a person)? And while it depends on every spectator, I feel like I can laugh at the use of a stereotype in a scene without feeling like I am laughing in the face of the people they represent. Also I should probably relisten to the part you're talking about before defending improvisers since I've kind of forgotten what happened. It was an evolution of the too soon discussion and encroaching upon the audience's sensitivity, right?
  24. GarbageCan

    Episode 119 β€” Denying the Magic

    The story in that email was a real treat.