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  1. FYI I signed up for the annual plan using the web client with my login but my auto renewal kept going. So this month I got charged twice; the app and web client don't seem to be too aware of each other's payment method. So if you do sign up for an annual plan, make sure you cancel any auto payment on your phone.

    • Considers himself a 'pick-up artist'
    • Doesn't feel comfortable calling women 'broads', but is fine with 'pieces of ass'
    • Is humourless
    • Loves saying words, then following them up with 'that was a joke'/'that's from my comedy routine'
    • Loves to talk over people
    • Loves to stop people from making a point, so he can say 'Listen'
    • Doesn't really listen

    Who would have guessed this could have gone poorly.

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  2. This has been a tough few days dealing with this loss. The legacy Harris has left in all of the podcasts he has been a part of has really been what has got me through this. When I listen to them, I can't help but find his humour so fresh, even though I've heard it before it manages to catch me off guard.


    Thank you Scott for putting this out, and for eulogizing to a certain extent in the beginning. You might not have been the best person to eulogize him in a general sense, but for me and many others on this forum, we always had the treat of hearing Harris alongside you on this podcast or in UTU2TM or Analyze Phish, and so hearing you speak about Harris as a person is really what I needed to hear. I teared up during it, and then I loved the episode, and loved the post episode collection of his jokes.


    But when it ended, I was hit with a level of emotion I wasn't expecting. I guess it finally feels real, whereas before I was holding on to some sliver of hope that it would all be a hoax. I'm glad I was alone listening, because I reached a level of bawling that I was not prepared for.


    Harris was incredible, one of the best, and I'm thankful we got to have one more time with him. I'm glad to hear he's enjoying himself in the afterlife.

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  3. I'm still feeling so sad today. Losing Ryan Davis a couple of years ago made me realize the unique one-side friendship that podcasts have the ability to create, due to their intimate nature. And it's what makes these tragedies feel so personal and devastating.


    I remember exactly where I was when I first heard Harris on Comedy Bang Bang, waiting at a train station in Ottawa. It was just after one of Ice-T's problematic ideas, and when he brought out his phone I fell in love with his sense of humour. There was always a charm and lovable quality with his delivery that made his jokes great, and lent itself to anti-comedy so well. And ever since, I've delighted in every one of his appearances on this and other earwolf shows.


    I think some of my favourite jokes by him were his extremely convoluted ones, like: "Did you guys hear about that new deal where if you, you go in on it with a cast member from That '70s Show? You get a discount on mustard and/or salad toppings. It's a Laura Prepon Grey Poupon Crouton Groupon". And I have a sneaking suspicion based on his jokes like that that he made some contribution to the great parks and rec throwaway news headline "Ice Town costs Ice Clown his Town Crown".


    It sucks, it's painful, it's in many ways unbelievable, but what's getting me through it is re-listening to his comedy. Even in this sad state, and knowing that I will never hear anything new from him, I still can't help but laugh at everything he does. He was a special, talented man, and my heart goes out to all of his friends and family.

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  4. First off, thank you for coming to see me in Vancouver. I was sincerely surprised the show had that many fans there. A truly beautiful city. I


    It was very fun and we hope you come back.


    In terms of being outraged (Is anyone grievously offended by "cunt"?) at just the n-word, it's because racial sensitivity is what matters to her on a personal level. I understand you were emphasizing context, however she found the context of a white person confidently announcing to a room of mostly white people that it is okay problematic. There were some other things, but these are discussions better left for Case Closed, I just thought I would share that I could see Case Closed doing well in a bonus episode. I think the two sides have validity: it's silly to just never be able to say a word, and why can't white people just recognize the vile origins of this word and let it go. Personally, I just avoid it altogether because there is nothing to gain by saying it and plenty to lose.

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  5. Musical episodes should definitely not be changed at all. They're great, they've introduced me to some great new bands. If people don't like it, it's very clear that it is a musical episode up front and they can skip it.


    Case closed, also something I enjoy, is something I would enjoy keeping in the episode. It's so easy to skip through the segment if you don't enjoy it. That being said, I know a lot of people don't like it and I wouldn't mind it coming out as a bonus episode labelled as Case Closed for their sake.


    I just went to see Matt Besser in Vancouver do I4H last weekend. And to the great outrage of my girlfriend, during the Q&A portion Matt said how it's okay to say the N-word and then proceeded to say it. It completely ruined the night for her, and so I can see how Case Closed could put people off of the show. Which is to say that I guess I'm leaning more towards putting Case Closed in a bonus episode.


    Like bagofbeef said,


    That combined with everyone's insane laughter pushed me over the edge. I've never laughed so hard I choked on my hair (while in public, anyway) but it was worth the embarrassment. Definitely one of my favorite eps of the year, bro.


    Really hope Gino builds on his driveable bike in future episodes and that RJ makes a return soon.

    It was the repetition, but even more so it was how poorly the loop was done, going like 75% of a beat too long. Man, that's the best plugs theme ever, I've never laughed so hard so immediately at one of those.

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  7. http://scottaukerman.tumblr.com/post/66252923297/sirmitchell-patbaer-on-sunday-at-the-cards

    I found this really touching. If you're not familiar with Ryan Davis, he was a great podcasting personality that was on the Giant Bombcast which is a podcast focussed on video games. Earlier this year he died at the age of 34, just days after his wedding.


    He was a big fan of CBB, and particularly, Bob Ducca. So Seth Morris was asked to record something in tribute to him despite never meeting him, and came up with another incredible list.


    I love Seth Morris.

    RIP Ryan Davis

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  8. Anyone have any pictures of them in the new Earwolf swag?


    Lim. Edish CBB shirts anyone?

    I have the CBB season 2 t-shirt. I'll try and post a picture tomorrow night. The quality of the print doesn't look great on either of their faces.

  9. I've missed the non WYR games, they really have become a rare thing in the past 6-12 months. And I do like the idea of a VPN what am I thinking. Also, did I misunderstand or was Brian Huskey supposed to be the second guest? I thought Scott mentioned he had his flight delayed so he couldn't show up, which would alleviate people's concern about the 1 guest thing happening again.

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    I have to say I find it completely fascinates me how some people listen to the show but seem to hate me. Does anyone have a theory? Seriously.

    I guess they're passionately behind parts of your career to elevate them to fans, and then when they don't enjoy specific outputs of your career that fandom degenerates into vehement frustration; and so the wanting to engage as a fan is darkly influenced by the knowledge that insulting you (thru venting said frustrations) will provoke such an engagement; as unpleasant as it may be. I don't know, perhaps re listening to the catchment discussion could help solidify the reasoning behind vgfitzger.