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    Episode 86 — Ernest Goes To Jail

    Your dated "generation X" style of berating Ernest makes you look even more outdated, and goddamn you all have the most annoying fucking douchebag "I'M IN THE BIIIZZ" LA shithead voices I've ever heard. I listen to this show as some odd anomoly of what delusional asswipes do in their spare time to impress each other and "advace my careeerr"
  2. Ayge goddamn this was a hard episode to get through though the bit about the wolf guy taking his pants off in front of some girls dad had me laughing. Past that this was fucking hard to follow, I will never watch a Twilight movie but whatever, fuck this shit. I think you guys need to review some more cult flicks like Sleepaway Camp. Check out the films of Lucio Fulci, mainly The New York Ripper, the most perved out sleazy slasher film of all time, or Don't Torture A Duckling about a child murderer in small town Italy. Also see THE PIT about a perverted little boy with a talking teddy bear and pit full of flesh eating trolls (not to be confused with The Gate) from the 80s or The Stabilizer. Also I'm going to compile a list of factual errors cause goddamn you fucking get shit wrong constantly!