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    Episode 5 — Analyze Phish Episode 3

    I usually try to introduce people the same way I got into them. Gotta Jiboo was my first song, then Run Like an Antelope, Chalkdust Torture, and Stash. I remember it vividly for some reason that I burned those songs on CD's when I was in high school. Then somebody gave me Tinley Park 8/14/93 and all bets were off. The entire 2nd disc of that show is STILL my favorite music the band ever created. I can't wait to hear what Scott thinks after NYE and I wish I could be there with him! Anyone know what show the Bathtub Gin is from at the end??
  2. Colonel Phorbin

    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    Harris, you wrote that line in Eastbound & Down Season 1 when Clegg is like "Yeah man I've just been tourin with Widespread Panic for a while" didn't you, you wook? I feel like you should have explained Gamehenge more to Scott. And the fact that it is actually a rock opera pretty much. Trey's solo on Chalkdust Torture on A Live One is probably worth showing him too. Also, when he was asking about songs that aren't on albums you should have mentioned that they have about 100 of those songs.