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    Episode 142 — Film Making

    I hear ya, Kickpuncher. I would have liked to be there in person, but work didn't allow it. It was actually really hard doing it on the phone at all. I had my headset on with noise mufflers on over the earpieces. I know it wasn't ideal, but I was happy with the way the show came out. Definitely would have been better in person though.
  2. noadventure

    Episode 142 — Film Making

    It's competitive as in that a lot of people want to do it, but if you can throw yourself into it 100 percent and outwork your peers, there are always opportunities. Movie crews are a group of misfits. Since you're only as good as the last job you did, there is a high turnover rate. The easiest way to get in the biz is to work for free. If you're good, you'll get noticed.
  3. noadventure

    Episode 74 — Sklarbro Mixtape 2011

    Really surprised a best indie rock of 2011 didn't include Generationals. Actor-Caster as an album was leagues ahead of most stuff out there.