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  1. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 299 β€” Don’t Hack the SAC

    A bit late hearing this week's ep, but I was v. inspired. (on tumblr)
  2. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 274 β€” Oh, Golly!

    A quick doodle. Because I am so. excited. for this.
  3. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 147 β€” Zouks, There It Is!

    I gotta plug Vacation Jason, the World's #1 Vacation Expert, because a Watch the Throne-style tour MUST happen (and it should be called 'Have a Summah Vacation'). Listen to his mixtape featuring many songs about fruit and islands: http://vjif.tumblr.com/cblt He is also a character on The Chris Gethard Show. Watch this episode where he loses and (spoiler) regains his love of vacations: http://blip.tv/thechrisgethardshow/tcgs-81-february-beach-party-6543041
  4. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 139 β€” Boring Kanye West

    I know they're real people and that it'll seemingly never happen, but I ship Wie-wie and April.
  5. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 234 β€” Changing The Bandage

    Shannon, you are a miracle worker. Ducca's heroes list is the new Hodgman's 700 hobo names list. (Also this ending totally puts this ep in the year's top 10. One of the greats!)
  6. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 233 β€” Royal Watching

    This baby is gonna have like 7 middle names. Why can't one of them be Dilbert?!
  7. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 229 β€” Two Thumbs & Not Much Else

  8. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 228 β€” Acapella Cuddle Puddle

    Had to. (Tumblr post)
  9. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 227 β€” All Farted Out

    I'll admit, I did a tiny spit take at "KB, you can drive my toys." Also, "John Lennon's wife ended up being the Yoko of The Beatles."
  10. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 42 β€” This Just In

    I would listen to a podcast of just Jake and Todd being that yelling married couple.
  11. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 224 β€” Live From Austin

    Perhaps he didn't get the MEM-OOO? (Sorry, my only Gary exposure has been the Fogelnest Files.)
  12. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 224 β€” Live From Austin

    Bill Diesel got me laughing in quiet workplace hysterics. "...and I'm proud to say, I don't need the wheelchair NO MOAAAHHHH!!!"
  13. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 64 β€” After Earth

  14. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 149.5 β€” Sklarbro County 54

    Proud to live within a half hour of the poop roommates. Upstate NY is Florida Lite. Also, Dan forgot to read the amazing first line of the news article: "Roommates sometimes fight. Other times, they share things from deep within themselves."
  15. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 218 β€” The 4th Anniversary Extravaganza!

    Listened the other day, and dang it, I'm going to listen to it again right now. Absolutely the best. Also, the Bachelor Brothers = Andy & Ollie from Bob's Burgers in the very near future.
  16. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 215 β€” Time Bobby 2

    YES, YES IT DID. Mind blown. Also, I think it's a new scientific fact that "EEEEEIT'S BEEN" is funny every. single. time.
  17. Andrea Streeter

    CBB is LIVE on YouTube tonight!

    Please enjoy this GIF I made. (Tumblr it even.)
  18. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 178 β€” Motor Boating Around Town

    YES YES YES YES YES. This needs to happen. Also, I believe the phonetic spelling would be "Womp up the JEEEEEAMZ!"
  19. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 95 β€” Groove Workshop

    Not a rap song, but Zach is mentioned in this . Ugh. Also, reverse egg-laying = best WC ending ever. Poor Hermes. (Or was it his French cousin Hermès?)
  20. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 93 β€” RikiLeaks

    Riki went to the same college as me! I'm gonna campaign to get her on the 'famous alumni' list.
  21. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 172 β€” This is a Safe Zone

    My book cover for Too Tall for Maxx, as retweeted by Aukerman and Huskey! [tumblr link]
  22. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 64 β€” Tig's Cancer Diagnosis/Autism

    Tig love 4 life. xo
  23. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 167 β€” New No-Nos

    I guess I had the name of my tumblr wrong this whole time. PS: "wompitup.com\wompupthejamz" needs to be real like yesterday.
  24. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 84.5 β€” 7/13/2012 TWO CHARTED 23

    Yeah this was definitely one of the best eps of Tooch so far. I WALK WITH THE SPIRIT OF SUMMAH! Is there a facebook link for Summahfest? I want to make my friend go so that I may live vicariously through him.
  25. Andrea Streeter

    Episode 82 β€” Missed Connections

    I tweeted at TJ joking that I wished I could be his on-call graphic designer. Then he followed me. If I get a 3am call asking for a face pillowcase, I will surely report back.