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    I like Pee-wee Herman, Prince, and podcasts. I also enjoy learning new things and feeling creative and loved. I make art, mainly illustrations and animated flip books. I live in Chicago. Give me a holler if you're in Chicago and want to know a new friendly person. Non-friendlies need not apply. Thanks!

    Flipbooks for sale: TheFlippist.com


  1. benzurawski

    Episode 89 — Grown-Up Laughs

    Glad I got my flipbook sent in before the new package ban. if you want to see it in action. Thanks for all you do!
  2. benzurawski

    Episode 88 — Tooth Talk

    Holy crap! The President heard Let's Drop Anchor (and...)??? That's the Story of th Summah!!!
  3. benzurawski

    Episode 74 — Engorged Heart Clit

    This was a great episode! Rob Delaney was FANTASTIC! What a friendly and fun guest. Also, here are some hand humping name submissions: hand jab knuckle ballin' thumb tap finger dicking (variation: finger dicking good) digit dicking
  4. benzurawski

    Episode 65.5 — 3/2/2012 TWO CHARTED

    I am sincerely hoping this drawing can get me some of those sweet sweet Bruce Springsteen rocks.
  5. benzurawski

    Episode 144 — Clones and Oliver Stones

    Also...thanks to whoever reminded me that I forgot to draw this part I'm sorry to just post the link...I'm having a hard time figuring out how to post images, for some reason all of the options aren't working for me.
  6. benzurawski

    Episode 144 — Clones and Oliver Stones

    Here is the Indiana Jones Small Hat mock up...he's kind of hard to draw...has a bit of Val Kilmer in him.
  7. benzurawski

    Episode 60 — Dale! Dale! Dale!

    "...most pleased in the next coming weeks."...Ay? I'm hoping this means there will finally be real tangible Kulap Knee-High-Socks™
  8. benzurawski

    Episode 141 — Ladies Night

    I love Comedy Bang Bang so much. You're a want-to-be illustrator's dream come true. You guys do all the hard work and I get to have fun drawing. Thanks!
  9. benzurawski

    Episode 137.5 — Best of 2011 Pt 2

    In case anyone is still wondering, this is more or less how the tangled smooch between Huell Howser, Huell Howser, Jessie Ventura, Paul F. Tompkins, Pauls F. Tompkins & Yogi Bear works.