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  1. Pablo was a great guest.
  2. RabidMoose

    Episode 91 — Live in Vancouver/Hope

    Yeah I was at this show too and it was great but Aaron really needs some wrangling. I think they could've had a stronger wrap up but Aaron just kept going on and on...
  3. RabidMoose

    Episode 90 — Live at SF Sketchfest

    Don't worry guys. The Vancouver show was heaps better than this one Though they really needed to wrangle Aaron more that night.
  4. RabidMoose

    Episode 74 — Star Trek

    I actually laughed out loud when I read the episode description and said 'ohhh no'.
  5. RabidMoose

    Episode 50 — Gravity

    Yeah gravitational forces are pretty cool. F = Gm1m2 / r2
  6. RabidMoose

    Episode 48 — Astrobiology

    Something's been bugging me: How do you spell "Delaroos"?
  7. RabidMoose

    Episode 48 — Astrobiology

    I still don't really know what astrobiology means...
  8. RabidMoose

    Episode 46 — Art

    I could just listen to the entire podcast done in turkey-speak.
  9. RabidMoose

    Episode 45 — Enlightenment

    I always have a strong impulse to clear my throat during the swamp rock moments.
  10. RabidMoose

    Episode 43 — Taste

  11. RabidMoose

    Episode 41 — Magic

    So I stabbed my forehead with a nail. What now?
  12. RabidMoose

    Episode 36 — Cheating

    Double blood coming out of both noses! *At this point I started making weird giggling sounds on the bus trying to suppress my LOLs and ROFLs.