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    The Black Dahlia (2006)

    Can't figure out how to embed this trailer. I remember thinking, Brian DePalma....hell yeah. But I've watched it a couple different times, and wow, this movie really sucks. This movie is meandering as hell, disturbing, and more or less a horrific misfire. I swear it seems like it destroyed Josh Hartnett's career. What a horrific voiceover. Some compare this movie to torture porn, which I can't disagree with. Aaron Eckhart plays every cliched tortured cop in the history of movies. The Fiona Shaw character, holy shit was she awful. Easily the worst movie that Hilary Swank has acted in, every thing she did after this movie has been a bomb. I implore that this movie be done.
  2. landoconfusion

    Monkey Shines

    Was just thinking about this horrible movie. Would be great if you could get Matt Atchity from Rotten Tomatoes to do this one with you.
  3. landoconfusion

    Steel (1997)

    Shaq does more running in the opening bank heist scene than he did in entire NBA seasons. Do this only for June's reaction to "Well dip me in shit and cover me in Bread crumbs!"
  4. landoconfusion

    Surviving The Game (1994)

    we need to get this movie done on HDTGM. Vote it up on FYI. Next level bonkers, I wonder if you could get IceT to even come aboard for the pod. It's a perfect mix of "so bad it's so good" and "so good it's so good"
  5. landoconfusion

    The Black Dahlia (2006)

    Black Dahlia really needs some FYI upvotes. It's such a stinky piece of shit and there is so much material for the crew to utterly destroy. The lowpoint being that the majority of the movie was construed as a ruse based on one character looking like another one that absolutely doesn't even come close to bearing a resemblance. It's straight out fucking bonkers. Also, the suicide scene is one of the worst things I've ever seen in any movie. Loopy as fuck and 100% crazy.
  6. landoconfusion


    I never saw this movie in the theatre, but on HBO with very limited expectations I found it to be kind of enjoyable. It's not a great Sci-fi piece of art or anything, but it had some moments. I may also be distorted because it contains a lot of the cast from Friday Night Lights(TV show) and I love that show. Riggins 4 life.
  7. landoconfusion

    The Black Dahlia (2006)

    Oh, and I just realized that one critical detail of the movie is that Hilary Swank is supposed to look very much like Mia Kirschner, except for the fact that they look nothing alike at all.
  8. landoconfusion

    Surviving The Game (1994)

    Look, this movie has an Oscar winner in it. It clearly falls in the "frickin awesome" movie category moreso than the "Bad" territory. It has Roc in it. Ice-T. I implore the powers that be to consider it.
  9. landoconfusion

    Episode 16 — Yikes Ahoy!

    Agreed that "American" is also usable for Canadian folks. Or African/North American sounds better than African Canadian.
  10. landoconfusion

    Surviving The Game (1994)

    This is one of the greatest awesome movies ever. Please please please do this at some point.