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  1. TravestyJones

    Sunday Pluggy Sunday

  2. TravestyJones

    Episode 189 — Wide Fondly Brush

    It's called "Don't Fuck With My Money" by Penguin Prison. Here's the whole episode's Spotify playlist: https://play.spotify...UJxoNp25m8zMv9q
  3. TravestyJones

    Get in the car Martha!

    "Get in the car Martha!" "But I need to go to the..." "MARTHA! CAR! NOW!"
  4. TravestyJones

    Episode 16 — The Water Box

    Vin Diesel would be great, but what's more realistic would be to get the Insane Clown Posse. They're avid players that are guaranteed to entertain!
  5. TravestyJones

    Episode 76 — Live from Sklarbro Country!

    Please. What is the song at the start of the show?