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  1. This was Roger Moore's first Bond movie, and it's also one of the most insane. The movie is basically James Bond getting lost in a blaxploitation film. Moore and Jane Seymour are the only white cast members for a significant portion of it. No rival spies, no evil megalomaniac, and no saving the world. The bad guy is Mr. Big, who is some big crime boss in Harlem. The only reason Bond is on the case is because an MI6 agent was killed. One of the first scenes is Bond following a car through Harlem like it's nothing. The only white guy in Harlem and he thinks no one will notice. Also since Bond is British, he has no idea why everyone keeps calling him "honky". It seems like everybody is hired by Mr. Big since they all have a walkie talkie telling them he's coming. Then it's revealed the taxi driver who is driving bond has had a walkie the entire time. Why'd they even bother doing a play by play? Bond gets captured (and he continues to get captured almost every 15 minutes) and the first words Mr. Big says are "Take that honky out back and kill him". He doesn't even care who he is. What? Secret agent? Meh. Anyways, there's way more craziness in this movie. Jane Seymour plays a psychic whose powers are linked to her virginity. Bond takes said virginity with no hesitation, and then has a wtf face when he figures it out. There's plenty of crazy voodoo. The song "Live and Let Die" is used in fucking EVERYTHING. It's like they chopped it up and pasted parts of the song during any scene that needed a musical cue. There's even unnecessary comic relief characters introduced late in the movie during the longest boat chase ever. Finally, there's a henchman with a mechanical arm with a claw for a hand. And he's beaten with wire cutters. The same kind you get in kits with pliers. You owe it to yourself to watch it at least once. It's a fun movie, but it's insane.
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    Yeah, it moves between "dark" and "comedy" so much even the movie has no idea what it is anymore. It goes from a simple military guy taking over dad's company to world domination or some shit using children.