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  1. robopanda

    EPISODE 124 - Hackers

    https://vine.co/v/ezM9vIFWQHq (edited 'cause embed code didn't work)
  2. robopanda

    EPISODE 109.5 — MINISODE 109.5

    I think the Castor and Pollux in Hunger Games are -- like the ones in Face-Off -- named after the twin brothers from two different fathers (Tyndareus and Zeus) in Greek and Roman mythology. Some straight-up Maury shit there.
  3. robopanda

    Episode 68 — Gnasher Poison

    Rats can't vomit. Then again, these are magic rats, right?
  4. robopanda

    Episode 79.5 — Minisode 79.5

    Henry Rollins as the special guest? That was my first guess anyway, although Paul F. Tompkins was also in this movie.
  5. Thank Cake Boss somebody mentioned the second clip guy's former life as the Sexman. Filmdrunk 4EVA.
  6. robopanda

    Episode 58.5 - Minisode 58.5

    I once photoshopped this after Paul Scheer suggested it. Just thought you all should know. Have fun scrubbing that out of your subconscious.
  7. "That's not how food works" is now a permanent part of my vocabulary. Especially when applied to kids hiding in refrigerators.
  8. I completely forgive you for mispronouncing pestle for teaching me a new Gilbert & Sullivan style song to sing at work later today.
  9. robopanda

    Episode 37 — Sustainability

    I'm feeding alligator jerky to the Honey Island Swamp Monster. BRING ON THE SWAMP ROCK.