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  1. S4082211

    Episode 251 β€” The Bed Spoiler

    For Todd Glass's book can I please suggest: "The Glass Menage Γ  homme", as in the Glass Menagerie, cause his name is Todd Glass, and "menage a homme" is like menage a trois, but with a man. It's hilarious. Think about it. (Or just "The Glass *something*)
  2. S4082211

    Episode 246 β€” Butthole Baby

    Ultimately, I loved this episode, even though I completely expected the "dark" twist that happened almost instantly, but who cares? It was still funny as all hell!
  3. S4082211

    Episode 147 β€” Zouks, There It Is!

    As a 16 year old, therefore a teenager, I am more than comfortable sending my diary to Zouks. Of course I'd have to start writing a diary, but still, if he wants a look into the mundane life of a teen, life couldn't get more mundane than mine!
  4. S4082211

    Episode 243 β€” Blow Me Up, Tom!

    Oh wow, I didn't think this could get better and then Scott's Leykis came in and I nearly died. I don't know how this top 10 best off is going to work, because almost every single episode is pure gold.
  5. This show is absolutely amazing! I look forward to the future of this. I was a bit tentative at first but it just got better and better and better!
  6. S4082211

    Episode 241 β€” The Stallone Bros.

    Oh wow, this is brilliant. Paul's Frank Stallone is incredible, I really hope to see him return in the future.
  7. Awesome! It's a shame the audience was louder than the actual podcast, but still another awesome episode
  8. Lennon Parnham said in a terrible asian accent: "Would anybody like a some tea?"
  9. Sorry my friend, no matter how amazing Armen's "Ching Chong" bit was, this is CBB not Wooch
  10. Also, why is Jon Daly in the picture? New Rafflecast? I certainly hope so.
  11. HOLY MOTHER OF BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMACARE, I HAVE BECOME A PART OF THE MARISSA WOMPLER CANON! How? Well the alleged smooth skinned, dimply Australian who wrote Marissa a promposal is me! Here's the link for those interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHtXERN-j28
  12. S4082211

    Episode 140.5 β€” 08/9/13 TWO CHARTED 79

    I just can't get enough off Armen. I'd love an Armen/Kuku/Scott podcast monthly, weekly, daily, whatever YEARLY even, I just need some more of it!
  13. A classic Saukerman quote from "Just Shoot Me"
  14. That "This is Not Me, This is them" was incredible, very reminiscent of "aaaaaaaaaand ten more minutes"
  15. I'm really starting to dig the Comedy Bang Bang weather report
  16. S4082211

    Episode 230 β€” Something for Everything

    Just went to last day of school, as a 16 year old I really am shocked that 140 of my friends have liked it, none of them for the improv group unfortunately.
  17. S4082211

    Episode 229 β€” Two Thumbs & Not Much Else

    I demand the return of "What Do you Want to Do" and "Questions, Questions, Questions"! Best segments ever!
  18. S4082211

    Episode 229 β€” Two Thumbs & Not Much Else

    Scott's dentist song may be one of my favourite things I've ever heard, Schwartz and Scott singing Skidrow definitely is one of my favourite things I've ever heard. Also loved the Marshmallows, Meshmoolews, Mishmoolies breakdown.
  19. S4082211

    Episode 134 β€” Sneak In Tips

    2 things: 1.If Ben Schwartz made trailers, I would see every single movie he made one for and 2. That "Can I have a Diet Coke in My Sippy Cup" voice was pretty damn accurate, now we need to get Kulap doing voice over work for some cartoon or something.
  20. Girl fails at ventriloquism
  21. S4082211

    Episode 220 β€” 4 PayDays & A Baby

    Here is my love jam for Marissa. I hope she takes me to prom...
  22. S4082211

    Episode 225 β€” Super Chums

    My guess? B O N O B.O.S DOT COOOOOM
  23. S4082211

    Episode 225 β€” Super Chums

    That subtle Woody Allen on Entourage "Muuurphy Groouup" a couple minutes in was perfect.