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  1. S4082211

    Episode 459 - Giamatti Gives Thanks

    Holy shit Adomian's back!
  2. Thanks! As long as Scotty's mad I'll be happy <3
  3. Finally made a plugs theme, hope you like it <3 <3
  4. Hey guys, Dirty Grandma here. Caleb has clearly tricked me into saying something naughty and I wanted to say sorry. I'm a Dirty Grandma but I'm not naughty, maybe I should call him Naughty Caleb! Ever since his mother passed while watching Goosebumps movie he's acted out for attention. I miss my beautiful daughter everyday, and I know he acts out because he struggles with her passing. Hope everyone is well. Thanks, Dirty Grandma
  5. Hi everyone. Just wanted to check in and let you know that my grandson Caleb wanted me to say "Suck it Chanson". Thanks, Dirty Grandma
  6. Now this is the sort of content I "Like"! Thanks, Dirty Grandma
  7. Here's Second Opinions Gallery - A Second Opinions theme I'm resubmitting <3 <3 <3
  8. If someone could add an Adam Scott Creeeeeeepy to the Earwolf store that'd be great. Thanks, Dirty Grandma Ps. Good ep. Best of material for sure.
  9. Now THIS is the kind of content I like. Thanks, Dirty Grandma
  10. S4082211


    now THIS is the sort of content that I like
  11. Hi Jack Russell Brand, My grandson Toby set up this account for me and called me Dirty Grandma cause of how much I love making Dirty jokes at family dinners. Q: What do you call a cheap circumcision? A: A rip off HA ! Hope you enjoyed that one. Thanks, Dirty Grandma
  12. Hey guys, Dirty Grandma stopping in to let you know that this is the kind of content I like Thanks, Dirty Grandma
  13. Only Sean and Hayes could let the improv go for literally an hour without improv and then let the improv play out like it did This episode is GOAT
  14. S4082211

    Episode 440 - Pop-TarTender

    In the main pic, Scotty looks like Dabney sounds
  15. Hey guys I just wanted to say when they were talking about how improv is guessing that a funny joke would be Matt Guesser haha
  16. S4082211

    Episode 429 - Almost Mandatory

    "I love to watch them walk away" is the greatest Scott/Jason moment since Wipeout
  17. second opinions gallery theme <3 https://soundcloud.com/geordie-mcgrath/second-opinions-gallery
  18. guys i wanted to apologise for my original comment here it wasn't funny or good and shouldn't have been on first page of comments if anyone wants this great comment real estate hit me up xxxxx
  19. S4082211

    Episode 426 - Schwartz & Schwarts

    I love that Cake Boss has appeared on the show 19 times and Scotty boy still doesn't know his name
  20. Sachs once again pushing his "liberal agenda" letting girl be engineer at Earwolf!!! She better be white! The only PC Culture I want is the mould growing on my ASUS Notebook ;) ;) SEND
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N45-famr_Zk
  22. don't think Gabrus will be so HIGH AND MIGHTY about his podcast now he knows his boss Amir is actually mean and bad when Sachs is actually not mean and bad but is cool. SEND
  23. S4082211

    Episode 72 - Millennial Love

    Two of my god damn faves, couldn't be more excited for the ep.