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  1. http://soundcloud.co...11-bad-break-up
  2. Ms80s

    Episode 148 — Wipeout!

    Thanks for playing my plug theme! So glad Scott liked it
  3. Ms80s

    She So Plugly

    Just heard it played on the podcast-awesomeness!
  4. Only motherfuckers make babies!
  5. My plug theme has not been played. It is titled "I Don't Taste Plugs" and can be found on SoundCloud here > http://soundcloud.com/j-t-m-h-ff/80splugstheme-i-dont-taste or on YouTube > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyAe1LJXqqc&list=UU4jL8AWVanyD5_yAUzQawPg&index=1&feature=plcp