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    Episode 67 — I'm Lovin' It

    Back to the funny, hurrah! Half-way through and no veg talk or alien nuttiness, Lee has returned, and Harris is killing. Sweet, sweet love.
  2. dreadpiratestead

    Episode 63.5 2/17/12 Two Charted

    How can you tell who's a vegetarian at a party? You don't have to--they'll tell you that they are within 2 minutes.
  3. dreadpiratestead

    Who do YOU want to be a guest on WHO CHARTED??

    1) Chelsea Perretti 2) Patton 3) Doug and Sarah on the same ep? 4) TJ 5) Chelsea Perretti 6) The Nerd 7) Jeselnik + Schumer (matchmaker, matchmaker find me a match) 8) Adam Scott 9) Dave Foley 10) did I mention Chelsea??