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  1. I started with episode one of Nerd Poker and quickly got the urge to get back into DnD after a long absence. I got a game together about a year ago and now, coming full circle, that group of theatre/DnD nerds has started their own podcast playing the game and reviewing microbrews. THANKS NERDS!!
  2. animos

    Episode 203 — The Vicar of Yanks

    Only Weird Al can use the word VICAR. Everyone else should be using VICAH.
  3. animos

    Episode 147 — Raisin Norman Bates

    centaurs and fairies and shit
  4. animos

    Episode 84 — Ally McVeal

    two moments in this episode made me say "YES, THANK YOU" out loud to my empty house. there is NO reason for the general's penguin sidekick, and hockey live is the greatest way a human can spend 3 hours.
  5. animos

    Episode 58 — Critter Sandusky

    brett, thanks for the suggestion of "the skin i live in" watched it right after listening to this episode. brilliantly twisted. thanks again.