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    I like to call the police and report a robber in my house, and when they burst through the door, I like to be all the way nude except for snowboots and a blindfold while treading slowly back and forth through the house with my hands outstretched yelling, "I'm rea-dy!!"
  1. You know, like that dickhead I see all the time.
  2. edraculate

    Earwolf Hoodies

    "I'll pay fifty dollars for one!" Oh, wait. They were sixty...
  3. Wonderful. Anything you or Andy touch is an instant classic. I wish you guys were Highlanders that were comfortable with there being more than one.
  4. edraculate

    "Please Hamburger, Don't Help 'Em"

    Jesus Christ, it's a play on Hamburger Helper and MC Hammer, how do you lose?
  5. I hope the president closes with it at the next S of the U speech.
  6. that album was hot but it gave me the squirts.
  7. edraculate

    Chopping Mall (1986)

    Not the worst movie EVER, but stupid, fun, and poorly acted. Note the ease with which they attain automatic weapons and how far away the ammunition is located. Also, at 55:24 a woman describes the plot. Maybe just watch the trailer instead. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLMyInUPQ2g
  8. Little-known Jesus quote. Oh, that Jesus. Always trying to put something in your ass or mouth...
  9. edraculate


    Dear Bob, I was recently diagnosed with two free-floating cysts in my abdomen/scrotal region. I was not offered the opportunity to have them removed, but rather told that if torsion occurred, I would need immediate medical assistance. Have you ever suffered an ailment(s) that doctors have REFUSED to treat? Your "Ducca Strong" friend, Tony S.