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  1. NaylorBen

    Episode 164 — Clifton Was Here

    Why would newcomers from the TV show not get that there's characters on the podcast? There's characters on the TV version. It's been a bit of an odd run of episodes lately, Bob Zmuda not really being Tony Clifton, Adam Pally not really committing to being bro a few weeks ago. Before that, Tim Heidecker as himself but as a character version of himself, and last week the Burning Love episode was a bit different because it's characters from a pre-existing show. This isn't a criticism of those episodes at all, it's just that they're all slightly atypical first episodes for someone to listen to.
  2. NaylorBen

    Episode 164 — Clifton Was Here

    I complained about that last week, but come on, Tony Clifton can do what he likes.
  3. NaylorBen

    Episode 33 — June Gloom

    Well I liked the episode and so did my horse. She loves to eat apples with her malt.
  4. NaylorBen

    Episode 163 — Burning Love

    Once again Scott takes a very lenient approach to guests talking during the Would you Rather theme. I don't know how much more of this I can take.
  5. NaylorBen

    Episode 31 — Cyborgs

    See but I'd always thought there was supposed to be a logical explanation to all of God's laws, it might not necessarily be to do with hygiene, but usually the reason for the laws was that it was that it would be the best way to live your life and you'd be happier if you did. At least that's what my christian upbringing taught.
  6. NaylorBen

    Episode 80 - Proop Doggy Dog

    Thanks. Please do keep us informed of all the podcasts you've not listened to.
  7. NaylorBen

    Episode 30 — Toast Points

    Atheism and Catchments. The two most controversial, hot-button topics in the world today.
  8. NaylorBen

    As easy as one, two, nose!

    Shouldn't that be one, nose, three?
  9. NaylorBen

    Episode 30 — Toast Points

    I love Aukerman's awkward improvisations, like questioning Danielle on the fact that wearing a Nazi uniform contradicts the fact that she was the one telling them the nazi's were coming. Most improvisers probably wouldn't bother to question that and would just ignore it, but Scott makes them explain in ultra-specific detail.
  10. NaylorBen

    Episode 161 — Highly Illogical

    You know how often I wish Scott would do these cut-up interviews? "EVERYDAY"
  11. NaylorBen

    Episode 78 — G the D a C

    What the fuck are you talking about?
  12. NaylorBen

    Episode 78 — G the D a C

    I completely related to PFT's confusion over Game of Thrones.
  13. NaylorBen

    Episode 8 — Gelmania VIII: LIVE!

    I've found it's much better to listen to this show very late at night, in the dark. You really want to block out any external distractions. Although it didn't matter so much for this one since it doesn't quite have the same atmosphere live. Is there going to be a film version released as well? I'd be happy to pay for it. Well his appearances outside of this show and Comedy Bang Bang suggest to me he's perfectly amiable guy. Seems to have quite a self-deprecating sense of humor, unlike the podcast character who has huge delusions of grandeur, pretty much to the point of having a messiah complex. So I wouldn't say that part is anything like his true personality. Cyrus deserves more credit than he gets for this show, always really like the production and music, so it was extra impressive hearing that stuff performed live.
  14. NaylorBen

    Episode 159 — Apicklelypse

    It'd probably help if you could pinpoint when the change was.
  15. NaylorBen

    Episode 159 — Apicklelypse

    Haven't noticed that at all, the bit rate has been 48 kbps for a while. It used to be higher sometimes when the show was on Indie 103.1. But that was a long time ago. It might be an issue on your end.