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  1. Jimmy wanting a "mirror app" was v. adorable. Also Scott looked fantastic in his blazer.
  2. rachelpi

    EPISODE 106.5 β€” Minisode 106.5

    I checked this thread primarily to see if anyone else enjoyed "and never should the trains meet" it's just good advice, for trains.
  3. rachelpi

    "Engineer Cody" moniker

    Great ep.
  4. rachelpi

    Episode 207 β€” Grown Ups 2 Causes Terrorism

    I'm saddened that "Turn Down For What" wasn't in the music charts!! Otherwise perfect ep!
  5. rachelpi

    Episode 321 β€” Big Fat Voice

    When Ana said "it's a litmus test for how much of a J-hole you are" i LOST MY MIND. I have been saying "J-hole" for "a-hole" ever since I heard it in one of the Culps sketches. (The ones where she plays a singing middle school teachers with Ron Burgundy) Anyway it made me so happy. Back to the episode! iTunes download is working now, fwiw. Thanks for flipping those switches
  6. Great episode! When I saw this in my feed I couldn't believe it. I was hoping for Billy Eichner but as Jimmy as advised I kept that suggestion to myself ;-) A must-listen for fans of RI-Possible?, as Dan Engler mentioned above.
  7. you can hit the big square stop button, or the +15sec button, or the 2x speed button (really 1.6 speed, but gets the job done) So many ways to interact with podcasts!
  8. rachelpi

    Episode 310 β€” Little Button Puss

    Another vote here for Honeywell. If you're a bear Engineer, you could do a lot worse.
  9. rachelpi

    Episode 93 β€” Staying Alive: LIVE!

    I love the idea of ESL speakers finding this movie at a local library and then writing glowing reviews of it as a how-to guide for the titular "Staying Alive."
  10. rachelpi

    Episode 196 β€” Power Stache

    I had to come on here and say that I also thought the female voice in the As Above, So Below trailer was a robot. And I agree with WEdidITagain that Jay was very charming
  11. Nine cameras? What is this, Never Not Funny?
  12. Yes, mentioned on her previous Who Charted appearance, an Improv4Humans, and possibly even Playing House or maybe I dreamed that. Great avatar btw! Boingers rule!
  13. less than 10 minutes in and Jess is talking about the speech patterns of the Chesapeake Island people.
  14. I loved how tickled Rage Kage was with 'sclusie. I hope he uses it going forward.
  15. rachelpi

    Episode 191.5 β€” 8/01/14 TWO CHARTED 130

    I also heard "haiku" instead of "Hi, Ku." Luckily, Jaws Is Better is already a haiku! Jaws is better, let Me prove it. Jaws is better Than any movie.
  16. rachelpi

    Episode 191.5 β€” 8/01/14 TWO CHARTED 130

    I'm curious if Roman the dog was named after former St. Louis Blues goalie Roman Turek. I've known two different people with pets named Kirby for Kirby Puckett, so sportspets are definitely A Thing.
  17. Jason/Eric throwing in a Tompkinsesque "What's that?" when Scott mentioned that they are now "Eskimo Brothers" :'D
  18. rachelpi

    Episode 10 β€” Fuego

    Had to have that - ! more here
  19. "I don't like being this close to death...or handjobs" -Betsy Sodaro (ETA - whoops wrong thread)
  20. rachelpi

    Episode 300 β€” Oh, Golly! You Devil

    if you buy enough Oxford shirts, they throw in a dictionary for free
  21. rachelpi

    Episode 10 β€” Fuego

    I loved that Mike still said "indeed" when speaking of Ducky Powell out of character.
  22. I made a clip of the Naturebox spot, you can listen here. "Let me see the copy before I get in my car"
  23. Really enjoyed your guys's conversation. Pretty #classy of Jake to admit the fake Polish was a good prank in retrospect Also I'm glad Krumholtz survived drinking out of a beer bottle that he just dipped in filthy feet-water.
  24. rachelpi

    Episode 184.5 β€” 6/13/14 TWO CHARTED 123

    Ugh I'm so saddened that the VPN days are over I always had a great time in the chats for those programs on Thursday nights. Lotta good people in those chats. I will just have to say it was fun while it lasted, and hope there can be another video venture soon. On another topic, I loved hearing Howard's thoughts on Mario Kart. I don't like any track you can fall off of. Whenever I tried to play Mario Kart in college it was uniformly a disaster because of all the fallings-off.