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  1. At one point Paul is talking about Nic Cage not being a replacement for LL, and I thought for sure he was going to say "and never the twain shall meet". Instead, he said "and never should the trains meet". Is this a thing that people say? As of this posting, there are 0 Google results for that phrase in quotes.

    I checked this thread primarily to see if anyone else enjoyed "and never should the trains meet" :D


    it's just good advice, for trains.

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  2. When Ana said "it's a litmus test for how much of a J-hole you are" i LOST MY MIND. I have been saying "J-hole" for "a-hole" ever since I heard it in one of the Culps sketches. (The ones where she plays a singing middle school teachers with Ron Burgundy)

    Anyway it made me so happy. Back to the episode! iTunes download is working now, fwiw. Thanks for flipping those switches :)

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  3. Β 

    no joke, I was thinking the exact same thing... I was screaming "HONEYWELL!" while I was listening. then I got home, looked it up, came to the same conclusion you did and decided not to post anything. but they do make fans... and you could probably use that as a blender if you try hard enough.




    also, I thought for sure that Gemberling was gonna go with Malaysian Flight 370 instead of United 93. c'mon... update your tragic plane-related references, man!


    Another vote here for Honeywell. If you're a bear Engineer, you could do a lot worse.

  4. Ugh I'm so saddened that the VPN days are over :( I always had a great time in the chats for those programs on Thursday nights. Lotta good people in those chats. I will just have to say it was fun while it lasted, and hope there can be another video venture soon.


    On another topic, I loved hearing Howard's thoughts on Mario Kart. I don't like any track you can fall off of. Whenever I tried to play Mario Kart in college it was uniformly a disaster because of all the fallings-off.

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