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  1. When I was no more than maybe 8-9 years old there was a movie that I dared not see, but all my friends of course saw it. The film was called Congo and my friends bragged about how scary it had been. Over 10 years later I still had not seen the movie and when we had an evening to watch a movie my buddies decided that there we should see Congo because they remembered it to be so scary. None of them had seen it in maybe 8-9 years. During the film my buddies began to feel more and more ashame as they realized what a crap movie Congo was, and I could not help but to agree.


    Congo is a film full of bad things, however, it is incredibly funny, not scary but fun. Tim Curry as a Romanian scientist takes the price but the little gorilla with a computer voice and the evil gorillas are also worth to be horrified and laughing about. In the middle of it all Delroy Lindo pops up as an African military who dislike that people eats his sesame cakes ...

    Take a look at the Congo, you will not thank me. Keep up the good work.

  2. This small marvel of a film with Marlon Brando at the absolute bottom of his career must be seen to be believed in. It hurts the heart, while the laughter flows in a never-ending stream. This is a Marlon Brando's (R.I.P.) acting funeral. It's not a pretty sight, and at the same time very sad, but I still can not stop laughing at the result. Director John Frankenheimer (R.I.P.) also meets his bottom with this film. AND RON PERLMAN IS IN IT! Enjoy!


    Best regards!

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