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    Favorite quotes from Earwolf shows!

    In Improv4Humans... "My wife is so flat chested we call her Iowa...southern Iowa." The fact that he felt the need to clarify that made me crack up. I forget which episode...
  2. Aaron Arabian

    Episode 21 β€” Ballin'

    Freddie Gibbs is a ligitmately likeable and fun dude. I sorta expected him to act a little more macho cause of his music (which I definitely dig) so I really liked how he wasn't afraid to laugh and have a good time. Great episode.
  3. Aaron Arabian

    Episode 22 β€” Don’t Call This Latin Rap

    Can I just say; Rhotoric Ramirez; gottdamn!!! He was pretty quiet the whole show but when Jeff and Nocan played his song I was seriously blown away. I wanted to be there so I could tell him how amazing it was. Scoop Deville was great too - definitely the perfect guest to pick for this topic. I like that he does lots of mainstream stuff but also fucks with Jonwayne and cats like that. Even though he comes off as an irritatingly cocky kid, I really dug his passion.
  4. Aaron Arabian

    Episode 58 β€” Critter Sandusky

    Honestly, Howard- I was quite overjoyed with your new chart themes- freaking great! And also, fuckin great! And then the winter fairy remix- hilarious and very well done. Heck yea and he'll yea!