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  1. Curtis Martin in the Hall of Fame. That's awesome! #jetspride

  2. Hoping I run into Ned Ryerson today.

  3. Parks and Recreation's characters are all so funny!

  4. I love it when a random kid stares at me and says "That Veronica Vaughn is one piece of ace." Makes my day so much better.

  5. Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie is so fucking stupid and gross and fucked up. I LOVE IT! Everyone watch it! @timheidecker @ericwareheim

  6. Putting "S" at the end of something in scrabble is a real scumbag move.


    #Drive being snubbed. @albertbrooks being snubbed. #ryangosling being snubbed. And The help and Incredibly close for best picture...fuck it


    #PaulGiamatti on @ComedyBangBang is so god damn funny. Best character ever.