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    My Submission "Cindy"

    Listen to it or don't. http://soundcloud.co...anralphio/cindy
  2. OrgasmSarcasm_25194

    Ma Plugz Theam

    http://soundcloud.co...lphio/plugggggz WHAAAAAAT?
  3. OrgasmSarcasm_25194

    My Catch Phrase Submission

    Hipiddy Hopiddy, Bipiddy Bopiddy. My name is none of your fucking business and welcome to Comedy Bang Bang, a comedy audio weekly entertainment celebrity interview podcast for the future. To submit your own catch phrase for me to say on the show next week, head on over to analboyz.net. That's right, we switched the Earwolf site to analboyz.net. It's the name of our newest ghost reenactment podcast starring Brody Stevens as Michael Jackson and Kumail Nanjiani as Steve Jobs. The premise is they play russian roulette with water guns. We here at Earwolf crunched some numerals and we predict Anal Boyz to be our biggest podcast yet! Anyway, let's get this mother fucking show started! Ah Men.