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  1. andrewmarvell

    Episode 55 β€” 7 Course Dwarf Feast

    yeah, let's see brian's fashion design!
  2. andrewmarvell

    Episode 52 β€” I Would Walk 500 Miles

    survivorman was awesome
  3. andrewmarvell

    Episode 51 β€” Star Chart

    For Glinishmore!
  4. andrewmarvell

    Episode 254 β€” LIVE from Comedy Gives Back

    That link actually goes to "http://www.tumblr.com/blog/earwolf/new/malarianomore.org/comedygivesback".
  5. andrewmarvell

    Episode 105 β€” Zombie Lisp

    car radio was amazing
  6. andrewmarvell

    Episode 252 β€” The Creeeeeeepy Halloween Special

    dykula is fucking awesome. please bring her back
  7. andrewmarvell

    Episode 47 β€” The Big Chamber

    hey, my cat is named wormwood! he's also evil.
  8. andrewmarvell

    Episode 148.5 β€” 10/4/13 TWO CHARTED 87

    man, all those cypress hill songs on black sunday are perfect for smoking weed
  9. andrewmarvell

    Episode 43 β€” The Return of BEeFF

    fuck yeah, original hip hop lyrics archive
  10. andrewmarvell

    Episode 42 β€” Good/Bad New Music

    so i watched all those spark master tape videos. very curious. i'm kind of into it.
  11. andrewmarvell

    Episode 39 β€” Unexpected Influences

    road trip to houston for you and nocan
  12. andrewmarvell

    Episode 42 β€” Good/Bad New Music

    ah, oh well. i still want him to be my life coach
  13. andrewmarvell

    Episode 42 β€” Good/Bad New Music

    yo jeff, what was that dude's rage tattoo? i hope it was the evil empire girl. he sounds amazing. he contains multitudes.
  14. andrewmarvell

    Episode 37 β€” It’s A Long Way To The Top

    no pictures of the pen leaking?! wtf?!
  15. andrewmarvell

    Episode 41 β€” Stones Throw: Peanut Butter Wolf

    Excellent, PBW is the best. I just dug up My Vinyl Weighs A Ton again a couple of weeks ago for a car trip. I hadn't heard it in years. Really took me back to driving around and smoking way too much weed in high school.
  16. andrewmarvell

    Episode 35 β€” Inside the Black Tower

    tighter and cleaner than most muffs? sign me up!
  17. andrewmarvell

    Episode 39 β€” Unexpected Influences

    this episode was pretty funny. i liked zeroh even though when you introduced him i was expecting z-ro (who you should also talk to for a houston ep).
  18. andrewmarvell

    Episode 38 β€” Hoodies Up!

    shout out to getting high and working out
  19. andrewmarvell

    Episode 228 β€” Acapella Cuddle Puddle

    this episode is fantastic merci beaucoup
  20. andrewmarvell

    Episode 227 β€” All Farted Out

    I'd like to hear more Choctaw Shop Talk.
  21. andrewmarvell

    Episode 34 β€” The Skeemix: DJ Skee

    Agreed with everything above, especially about Kanye aping El-P. The beats on this album sound so much like cast-off CoFlow from like 1997. That first track, the one you guys played (for comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFo3_4bcwzc)? All I could think of was this: https://www.youtube....h?v=6OGYSwgFJqE Plus his rapping sucks, as usual (and too much shitty singing as well, of course). And Bruce is right, it's just fucking boring. Still gonna call in one of these days. Edit: Also really enjoyed Skee. This was a good episode.
  22. andrewmarvell

    Episode 31 - All Hail The Queen

    Yeah, shout out to San Antonio. Ya'll know it's only like 2 hours from the Gulf of Mexico, right? Stop trying to shame me into calling. I'll do it when I get around to it, and all my questions/comments are going to be about Curren$y.
  23. andrewmarvell

    Episode 30 β€” WorldStarHipHop: Q

    Talk to Boss Aukerman about that. Is there a specific place to post ideas for shows, or should I just do it somewhere like here?
  24. I believe I may have. How many degrees from him are you?!
  25. Larry Henley of the Newbeats co-wrote Wind Beneath My Wings, which was eventually recorded by Bette Midler, friend of Bruce Vilanch. Edit: Shit, I should have listened ahead 30 seconds.