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  1. zorin79

    Episode 564 - Svelte Scale

    What...the...f---..... Not a joke about the wrong podcast. I don't really like how this cast quickly decended down a rabbit hole of child kidnapping, cannibalism, poisoning and references of demons. Usually Andy Daly is on point but there is nothing funny about making light of harm to children even in a joking manner. If jokes come from hidden truths...what do you all talk about off air and participate in? At this point will the next podcast include a character joking about sucking on adrenochrome or adrenal glands from dead babies and the hilarious stories of the results? I expect more than poor taste in the "comedy" on Comedy Bang Bang.
  2. zorin79

    Episode 79 — Deck the Halls: LIVE!

    Hello wonderful HDTGM Team! I have something slightly embarrasing to report. I spend $5 on a physical DVD copy of DECK THE HALLS and not only watched the movie before the podcast but I EVEN LISTENED TO THE COMMENTARY TRACK with the director and Danny DeVito. Am I Bonkers or what? Anyway, I learned a few things from that terrible experiences. The director says that almost every scene is his favorite. The 2 "raindeer" horses used for the sled were actually Black horses that had to be painted brown to look more like fake "raindeer"?? Both Danny DeVito and the director give up less than halfway through the movie commentary track and Devito just "hmm"s and "oh"s to whatever the director says. The Director repeatedly and proudly comments that all the animated LED screen lights on the house were "REALLY DONE LIVE" and also was very dissappointed that he was unable to have the full movie credits ready before shooting was done so he would play the credits over the roof of Mr. Hall's house. Ok ENOUGH from me about this craptastic movie. No point in watching a pointless movie 2 times other than having something to share with you i guess. BTW if anyone wants dvd copies of this movie, Cobra, Hudson Hawk, or Fair Game, email me at daltonmania@yahoo.com