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  1. I'm Listening to this right now! The forums are no longer hot with discussion! I really have a strong dislike for Totally Laime and i can't figure why. The girls voice is annoying to me but everyone else seems into it so obviously i'm wrong. I can't argue about them being in the final though cause quite frankly i thought the rest were really shit except for maybe Left handed radio. For me the aussies should have won but i guess i'll listen to the final episodes and see how if i agree with their reasons. Matt besser does have a weird monotone voice too, You kinda get used to it though. Some things for season 2 if it happens, The coaching would be boring as fuck if Matt Besser didn't kinda save it by being funny, Maybe bring the guests in on the coaching, Or edit it real short. Also harsher judging, The judges are too soft when something is fucking shit they should really lay into it. Plus the contestants are whiny little bitches they always try and pass the blame to either Matt, or Jeff for the instructions. Tell them to cut that stuff out. Be harsher in general.
  2. Leonardo

    Episode 66 — Get Up On This

    I don't like this Jensen guy, He's boring and he thinks he's the fuckin oracle of hip hop just cause he was some lame ass rapper way back. His list was garbage too, Also Nas kills Jay everytime, He wishes he was on every last one of his classics. Seriously though Illmatic is better than anything jay has ever done and will ever do in his whole career. I'm skipping the next one with this karp on it.
  3. Leonardo

    Episode 137.5 — Best of 2011 Pt 2

    Im a little behind with these trying to catch up! Bummed i missed the vote, I agree with people saying Fabrice Fabrice should have been in the list. Also i haven't seen this mentioned but is it just me that thought the Episode 101 "Booked it!" was one of the funniest ever, I thought Matt Besser's "Pastor Phelps" character was one of the funniest things i've heard on CBB. I was hoping he'd make another appearance but he never has!