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  1. Wien

    Left Behind (2014)

  2. Wien

    halloween suggestions

    I love HDTGM halloween episodes! Between Sleepaway Camp and Halloween 3, there are usually some brilliant moments.
  3. Wien

    This Means War (2012)

    This happened to be on FX the other day, and I caught the last 5 mins of it. Even being only 5 minutes of the film, and being completely out of context, it was still just a pancake layering of absurd scene on top of absurd scene with some of the worst dialog sprinkled on top like some shitty powder sugar. I can't even imagine what sitting an enduring the entirety of this film must be like. I think I'd like to retract this suggestion.
  4. Wien

    Assassination Games (2011)

    I actually kind of liked this movie. Its not a smart movie by any stretch, but its a fun dumb action movie to watch. Certainly not HDTGM worthy. There really isn't anything outwardly crazy about it.
  5. Wien

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    This one looked bad. I had zero interest in checking it out.
  6. Wien

    Rage (2014)

    I watched this on Netflix last night. I was trying to determine where this movie took place. This movie is, essentially, a giant after school special.
  7. I just logged in right now to voice the same opinion. I'm halfway into LOL and it hurts. I simply cannot finish this one... its BAD.
  8. With the passing of Richard Attenborough, the Jurassic Park music seems all the more fitting.
  9. How was Doug Benson's Droopy Dog/Edward impersonation from Twilight not part of the nominations???
  10. I'm only 16 mins in and this is already one of my favorites. Freakin Guy LaFarge.
  11. Wien

    Episode 8 — Sucker Punch

    Funny how the crew is ragging so hard on Oscar Issac... I think he's turned out pretty alright, guys. Inside Llewyn Davis sits at a firm 94% on RT, up there with all the Coen brothers bests, and he's going to be in Star Wars Episode 7.
  12. So much yelling and cursing in front of a small baby.
  13. Wien

    Episode 89 — Gooby

    That song at the end is very disturbing. Its supposed to be a kids movie about a magical kids toy turned into a kids pal.... but he's singing like an old fashioned, croonery lounge song with this husky old man tone. Since when do kids like that? I think the real backstory to this is that some unsuccessful, poor, perverted lounge crooner from the 50s died via auto-erotic asphyxiation while cranking it to some kids show and his spirit was then transported into the body of a teddybear 60 years later.
  14. "In this violent crime drama, the residents of a New York City housing project live in fear of The Vampires, the brutal gang that continually terrorizes them. Things change after an insurance agent and a telephone repairman end up trapped there. Perhaps things would not be so desperate had the fellow not accidentally offended one of the gang members." The telephone repairman is played by Ray Parker Jr, most well known for penning the infamous lines "I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts!" That's right, the man that wrote the Ghostbusters theme song stars in this truly INSANE Warriors-esque, Escape From New York wannabe film. The real scene killer in this one; the two heroes in a desperate escape attempt, smash through the window of an adorable pair of 7-8 year old girls, who upon seeing the intruders crash through their window, cuddle up in adorable fear and shriek the lines "ARE YOU GOING TO RAPE US?". Its all up on Youtube, guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xijEiXv8T14
  15. What else needs to be said? I certainly would have preferred this over Joyful Noise.
  16. Any Godzilla movie that tries to take itself too seriously is going to suck. I'd rather not watch this period.
  17. Wien

    Blended (2014)

  18. Wien

    Episode 86 — Ernest Goes To Jail

    HDTGM the official winner of the rivalry against HIMYM. It was never a competition.
  19. Wien

    Episode 86 — Ernest Goes To Jail

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpw34_gg7RE An example of Varney's range, and his mania.
  20. Wien

    its a boy!!!

    I hoped they named him Nicolas
  21. Wien

    Blended (2014)

    I don't know if I can bring myself to watch this one.....
  22. Wien

    Episode 85.5 — Minisode 85.5

    Oh man, when I was a kid, I used to love this movie! I do NOT recall an almost-rape scene at all, so clearly I need to rewatch this.
  23. Wien

    something new for jason to plug

    I'm not a big Amy Poehler fan, but that actually does look pretty funny. And also like a movie I would go see in theaters alone amongst a sea of couples.