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    Episode 5 - Orson Bean

    Prolific film, television and stage actor Orson Bean (The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Match Game, Being John Malkovich) joins Jamie to discuss his three marriages, being a single dad on Broadway, and finding religion later in life. Here on Howl
  2. Shannon

    Episode 4 - Jay Larson

    Today on Father Time, comedian Jay Larson (The Invitation, Best Bars In America) chats with Jamie about how to discipline your kids, their bartending days, and the cross-generational appeal of fart jokes. Here on Howl
  3. Matt and Ian Roberts debate whether Ian could survive The Purge before sharing stories of their exploits in England and Australia. Later, Matt enjoy’s an audience member’s R2-D2 hat, but can’t believe Lithuania is a country well-known for basketball. Here on Howl
  4. My favorite Kpop group are the spokespeople for Ppushu Ppushu which is dry ramen noodles intentionally sold as snacks, lolz
  5. Shannon

    My avatar keeps disappearing

    Hit me up at shannon(at)midroll(dot)com
  6. Shannon

    My avatar keeps disappearing

    It might be the size. I would try to make the image less than 150x150 pixels and it should stick around fine after that. If not message me and I can try to upload from my end for you.
  7. Shannon

    Episode 248 - Choco Figgy Nut

    If you want to watch video of this episode it's right heeeeere The sound isn't great at start, but it gets better. Thanks for your patience while we figure out the best ways to keep doing video podcasts!
  8. Tensions escalate when a dispute between Lord Joseph Banks and his Anderlugian hosts over a conical hat and some towels spirals out of control, with dramatic consequences. Featuring Jemaine Clement (Lord Joseph Banks), Lawrence Arabia (Solander) and Jonathan Brugh (Narrator). Introducing Nigel Collins (Salty Jules, Dr. Fincello, Greedy Pete), Stephen Templer (Illustrator), Tom Clarke (Young Nick), Gavin Rutherford (Nutty), Madeline McNamara (Edna Halley), Peter Daube (Captain Quaker), Mick Rose (Arthur C. Oldham Burroughs), Keagan Fransch (O'mara'ania), Rob Mokaraka (Gravy Guide), Jason Whyte (Wolfgang Von Kripp), Loren Taylor (Hjelke), Duncan Sarkies (Bjorn), Hannah Banks (Gru) and Miranda Manasiadis (Thorid). Here on Howl
  9. In all the time I've worked in the LA office, this recording was the most scream laughing I've ever heard through the studio door so I knew this was going to be a good one. And it was.
  10. Shannon

    Episode 5 - Charlotte

    North Carolina has had a bit of a bathroom problem lately, and the good people of Charlotte have been looking for someone, anyone to take shots at the transphobic laws and discriminating rhetoric that have cast a pallor over their city and state. Enter the Sklar Brothers. On this episode of Finding the Funny, Randy and Jason get political, religious, and philosophical. They get to throw out a first pitch at the Charlotte Knights minor league baseball game, ride along in a NASCAR at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, and visit the now defunct Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker amusement park. No sacred cow is safe in the most controversial episode of this podcast to date. This is Finding The Funny: Charlotte! Here on Howl
  11. In case you missed it, i4h was live on facebook this morning! Due to technical difficulties there are two parts but you can find both and watch it here! https://www.facebook.com/improv4humans/videos It was a lot of fun! And hopefully there will be more in the future!
  12. A sneak peek of Negin Farsad’s new show “Fake the Nation,” coming to Earwolf on July 8th! Subscribe now and you won’t miss a thing. Take that, American political system!
  13. ATTENTION SCIENCE-Y PEOPLE We're looking for real experts in their fields for new episodes of The Layman. We want to talk to people who are passionate about their work, and can help us understand what they do and why it's important! If you or someone you know fits this criteria please let us know! You can send an email to support@howl.fm or reach out to me directly at my Midroll address! Either way I'll get it to the right people. We hope to hear from lots of people and can get out lots more episodes of this great show! Thanks!
  14. Hey Never Not Funny fans! We’ve got some awesome news! The first 13 seasons of NNF archives have been added to Howl! So Howl premium members will now have 386 extra episodes available to them to be found in the regular NNF feed in the Earwolf section of Howl. Or here on the website. These are the regular episodes from the first 13 seasons. These are not “Players Club” bonus specials, but if you are not a players club member you may have never heard them. If you are a Players Club member, nothing for you will change. The Players Club and Howl are still separate entities so there will be no transferring rigamarole or anything like that. We've just got these 500+ hours of archives for the Howl Premium listeners to enjoy! If you haven’t signed up for Howl yet, you can use code PARDO when you check out on Howl.fm and get your first month’s renewal for FREEEEE.
  15. UPDATE: CBB is now ad-free for Howl Premium members! It will not be de-published from Earwolf and iTunes for another week or so. Likely next shows to go ad-free: HDTGM, I Was There Too, and Cracked.
  16. A bold interpretation of Stephen Crane's "The Red Badge Of Courage" Produced by Matt Gourley and James Bladon with Mark McConville Directed by Matt Gourley Edited by James Bladon with Matt Gourley CAST Paul F. Tompkins as Henry Fleming, Outraged Confederate Soldier #1, and Murderous Union Soldier #2 Matt Gourley as Wilson, Outraged Confederate Soldier #2, The Tattered Soldier, Simpson, Mother, Red-Bearded Soldier, and Captain Whiterside Mark McConville as Lieutenant Hasbrook, The Cheery Soldier, Murderous Union Soldier #2, and The General James Bladon as Jim Conklin and Colonel MacChesnay Narrated by Jeremy Carter Here on Howl
  17. A new season of Besser Vs. Audience kicks off with Matt Besser and Walsh asking a farmer how she milks a cow and sharing their Tokyo Drift stories. Later, Besser and his audience determine once and for all the greatest Christmas movie ever made. Here on Howl
  18. Hi The Radio Cat! We are aware of those missing episodes and the team is working on finding the audio for these and getting them into the app asap. Sorry for the trouble, but thanks for letting us know!
  19. Shannon

    Earwolf store issues

    Can you PM or email me shannon(at)midroll(dot)com and let me know what email address you sent your email from or any pertinent details and I will get it in front of the right eyes for you.
  20. Shannon

    Episode 84 - Kevin Pollak

    All of us in the office have been shedding actual tears about Leonard leaving us. He is just the most genuinely lovely person I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I will always cherish the time he ate a bunch of cheesecake brownies I made and complimented me profusely on them Thanks everyone who enjoyed Maltin on Movies while it was here and I hope you all support Leonard on his new adventures!
  21. Besser quizzes his audience about the official slogans of the towns they came from, puzzling out the meaning of sayings like “The Crossroads Of America” and “Pure Michigan.” Later, at a Valentine’s Day show, Matt wonders how many couples are in the audience, and how many of them are part of a threesome. Here on Howl
  22. Shannon

    Episode 3 - Richard Marx

    On today’s Father Time, Jamie talks to 80’s pop star Richard Marx alongside his son Luke. Richard talks about growing up with a musical father, working with Lionel Richie, and learning to let kids grow up at their own pace. Here on Howl
  23. Shannon

    Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

  24. Shannon

    Episode 2 - Josh Wolf

    Today on Father Time, Jamie talks to comedian Josh Wolf (Chelsea Lately) about becoming a single dad at 25. Josh talks about bringing his kids to auditions, meeting single moms, and packing beer in his son’s lunch box. Here on Howl