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  1. Bleeding in a wrestling match was a staple of this world for many years. Nobody took advantage of it more than King Curtis Iaukea. Colt and David Bixenspan discuss the origins of blood in wrestling and how Iaukea used it for more than just wrestling. Here on Howl
  2. He’s labeled as the funniest pro wrestler to ever enter the ring. Listen as Colt and John Lister help to tell the story of UK’s Les Kellet and how his hard life journey helped to give him that title. Here on Howl
  3. It’s a world where handicapped pro wrestlers enter the ring, put on a show, defy stereotypes and make you ask yourself many questions. Colt and Heath Cozens explore this amazing subculture that’s changing the way people perceive disability. Here on Howl
  4. Shannon

    Episode 65 - Election

    Paul Rust of LOVE on Netflix joins Devin & Amy this week to nominate the Alexander Payne 1999 film Election into The Canon! The movie stars Matthew Broderick as Jim McAllister, a popular high school social studies teacher in suburban Omaha, Nebraska, and Reese Witherspoon as Tracy Flick, around the time of the school's student body election. When Tracy qualifies to run for class president, McAllister believes she does not deserve the title and tries his best to stop her from winning. Tune in to hear why Pau l believes this film should be in the canon -- and head to the forums on Wolfpop to cast the deciding vote!
  5. Shannon

    Episode 5 - Pulling A Bugliosi

    Actor, comedian, and writer from Saturday Night Live, Mike O'Brien joins Richard in spirited writerly discussion. The two pensmiths go head-to-head in the Sentence Game and, as always, offer invaluable feedback to a new writer in the "Write-In" segment. Here on Howl
  6. Welcome to First Comes Love where comics read porn scripts in front of a live audience! In this episode, host Kyle Ayers takes the show to LA where an audience member makes Kyle a little hot under the collar. You’ll also hear readings from a Boy Meets World parody, another election special, “Anyone but Hillary,” and “Code Name Brain Tumor." Cast: Ryan Singer, Nicole Aimee Schreiber, Marina Shifrin, Virginia Collins, Anna Gillcrist, Brandon Sanborn, Joel Kim Booster, Danny Jolles, Lillian Solange Beaudoin, Brandon Sanborn, Jason Saenz, Megan Gailey. Music from: Mike Brown and Erin McGown. Special thanks to Novena Carmel and The Virgil, Jay Johnson, and Hilary Robinson. Here on Howl
  7. Cary Frydman is an assistant professor of Finance and Business Economics at USC, focused on the relationship between finance and our brains, and Jon has some important questions for him. Questions such as - “Why do I blow $100 at the casino without a second thought, but then get angry when they charge me $8 for a beer at the bar?” “Can money buy happiness?” “What is it exactly that you do again?” In this funny and illuminating conversation, Cary reveals some of the secrets of the brain that drive our behavior with money. Here on Howl
  8. Shannon

    Episode 1 - Jason Alexander

    On the first episode of Father Time, Jamie welcomes television icon Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) to talk about balancing fatherhood with sitcom life, what it means to be a RIE baby, and how he’ll never be a Hamlet. Here on Howl
  9. Shannon

    Nerd Poker: LIVE now in Howl!

    The Nerd Poker crew is back for a special live episode from LA’s Largo theater! Brian, Gerry, Blaine, Ken and Dan are joined by special guests Chris Hardwick, Brendan Small and Steve Agee for a night of slaying orcs. Get ready for the world’s best bar fight, and find out whether you can cast a spell into your own face. All proceeds from this show go to benefit Dan Telfer. If you haven't signed up for Howl yet, you can use code NERD when you checkout on the website and get your first month on us! Listen here on Howl
  10. Two traveling bards are passing through Hogsface and I am going to try to convince them to be on the podcast and play some music.
  11. Farah Alibay is literally a rocket scientist. Gabrus joins her for a tour of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and learns about some of the awesome projects that she and others are working on right now to explore the outer reaches of space. He asks the difficult questions: “Are we alone in the universe?” “What’s your favorite moon?” “Did you enjoy the movie ‘The Martian?’” Go behind the scenes of our space program in this funny and mind-blowing journey through our universe. Here on Howl
  12. Live Comedy Bang! Bang! performance from Portland featuring Scott Aukerman, Lauren Lapkus as kid detective Murphy O'Malaman, Paul F. Tompkins as children’s entertainer Big Chunky Bubbles and Tim Baltz as Don Darling. Here on Howl
  13. Shannon

    Photos from older episodes

    Do you have any examples so we can look into it? I don't assume that anything was purposefully removed. But we also did not always take studio photos. Let me know!
  14. Live Comedy Bang! Bang! performance from Atlanta featuring Scott Aukerman, Lauren Lapkus as HoHo The Naughty Elf, Paul F. Tompkins as The Contraptionaire and Drew Tarver as Legendary soul singer Donny Gary. Here on Howl
  15. Live Comedy Bang! Bang! performance from Boston, featuring Scott Aukerman, Paul F. Tompkins as Alan Thicke and Lauren Lapkus as Frank Dorito, the world-record holder for most wishes granted. Here on Howl
  16. Welcome to First Comes Love where comics read porn scripts in front of a live audience! In this episode, host Kyle Ayers takes the show to Chicago where he received an education on food porn… not the kind that Anthony Bourdain makes. You’ll also hear readings from a Mad Men parody, an appropriately titled There Will Be Blood parody, “There Will Be Come,” A Terminator parody entitled, “The Sperminator,” and a porno where the presidential candidates are in high school. Cast: Dan Friesen, Asher Perlman, Susan Glynn, Ryan Asher, Tim Lamphier, Meaghan Strickland, Dave Maher, Nick Mesaad, Sarah Dell’Amico, Scott Nelson, Lucas Rim, Micah Sterenberg, Max Lipchitz, Dillon Cassidy. Special thanks to Dillon Cassidy and the Crowd Theater, Daniel Shar, and Craig Savitsky. Theme Music: Erin & MeLissa Here on Howl
  17. Live Comedy Bang! Bang! performance from Vancouver, featuring Scott Aukerman, Lauren Lapkus as HoHo, special guest musician Dan Mangan, Mike Hanford as John Lennon, Paul F. Tompkins as Santa Claus and Tim Baltz as Randy Snutz. Here on Howl
  18. Hi anyone who can't find NNF, The episodes are in the regular NNF feed in the Earwolf section of the app. If you aren't seeing them you can pull to refresh when you have the NNF list open. This should refresh the feed and bring you the full list of episodes. If you keep having issue, please email support (address in my signature) and I can take a closer look.
  19. Immediately throwing in my own opinion even though I haven't even finished the tour yet (I know, I know, shameful) and say that all of Drew Tarver's songs in the Atlanta episode were just the most delightful thing and I laughed until I had big fat tears running down my face.
  20. Shannon

    Episode 425 - Sunday Afternoon Taped

    Dear Earwolf Kegerator, Thank you for this wonderful episode. -Shannon
  21. Hey Never Not Funny fans! We’ve got some awesome news! The first 13 seasons of NNF archives have been added to Howl! So Howl premium members will now have 386 extra episodes available to them to be found in the regular NNF feed in the Earwolf section of Howl. Or here on the website. These are the regular episodes from the first 13 seasons. These are not “Players Club” bonus specials, but if you are not a players club member you may have never heard them. If you are a Players Club member, nothing for you will change. The Players Club and Howl are still separate entities so there will be no transferring rigamarole or anything like that. We've just got these 500+ hours of archives for the Howl Premium listeners to enjoy! If you haven’t signed up for Howl yet, you can use code PARDO when you check out on Howl.fm and get your first month’s renewal for FREEEEE.
  22. Live Comedy Bang! Bang! performance from Denver, featuring Scott Aukerman, Paul F. Tompkins as Charles Dumpster, Lauren Lapkus as Frank Dorito, and Mike Hanford as John Lennon. Here on Howl
  23. Shannon

    Chapter 10 - Deep Blue Pt.2

    Our heroes face their former nemeses, an army of "Dumber Watsons" and their own secret selves -- to try and save the world. Emphasis on "try." Cast Includes: “Weird Al” Yankovic (Watson), Ken Jennings (Ken), Sharon Feingold (GPS Voice), Michael Ian Black (The Creator), Lauren Lapkus (Bus Voice #1), Seth Herzog (Bus Voice #2), Ted Lyde (Bus Voice #3), Rich Sanchez, Tara Zuckermans (Additional Voices). Written by: Rob Kutner, Original theme song performed by: Steven Page Here on Howl
  24. Shannon

    Chapter 9 - Deep Blue Pt.1

    Ken and Watson return to WeBM HQ to face his Creator. They're lucky to make it past Reception. Cast Includes: “Weird Al” Yankovic (Watson), Ken Jennings (Ken), Alissa Jessup (Receptionist), Daniel Cramer (White Guy #1), Oliver Vaquer (White Guys #2), Phil Hendrie (CEO, Executive, Regina, Wayne), Rick Sanchez, Tara Zuckerman (Additional Voices). Written by: Rob Kutner, Original theme song performed by: Steven Page here on Howl
  25. Keith Luhrs and Lauren Billings Luhrs are a husband-and-wife science team. But the science doesn’t stay at the lab. Lauren has used that same discipline to become a bestselling romance author, Keith has applied it to his incredible home brewing operation, and they both have applied it to raising their children. In this funny and freewheeling conversation, our host explores whether this same method can make his creative life more disciplined and productive, too! Here on Howl