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    The Canon Is On Hiatus

    There is another thread discussing this, but here is the official announcement: Earwolf and “The Canon” co-host Amy Nicholson have decided to put the show on hiatus and hope to announce plans for further episodes in the near future. Earwolf and Devin Faraci have mutually agreed to part ways.
  2. What do you say to the residents of a planet facing imminent destruction? How do you convince them to leave their homes? Find out on this training tape intended for representatives of the Department of Frontier Affairs. Written by: Hunter Norris and Christian Gridelli Featuring Lindsey Andersen, Brent Weinbach, Hari Kondabolu, Will Frazier, Leah Darany and Chris Bowman Directed by: Nick White Special thanks to Colin Anderson Sound design and editing by: Jeff Emtman Music from The Black Spot Artwork by: Jorge Jacinto Here on Howl
  3. Shannon

    Episode 4 - Retention

    Perry wants to cancel his account. But it turns out that if he gets rid of this comprehensive communication, entertainment and security system that he might lose a part of himself, too. Written by: Alec Nevala-Lee Featuring Aparna Nancherla and Echo Kellum Directed and edited by: Nick White Sound design and editing by: Jeff Emtman Artwork by: Jorge Jacinto Here on Howl
  4. Shannon

    Episode 3 - Hiraeth Moon 2

    On a lunar outpost, former news anchor Cadi Al-Basr hosts a nostalgic radio program meant for registered colonists. When the moon's native residents start calling in, Cadi and her producer Nisma have to figure out what they're trying to say and whether to put their message on the air. Written and performed by: Nadia Kamil. Also featuring Amanda Spinella, Geoffrey McGivern, Lindsey Andersen, Hari Kondabolu, Jesse Thorn, Jordan Morris, and Eric Martin. Directed by: Nick White Special thanks to Colin Anderson Sound design and editing by: Jeff Emtman Music from The Black Spot Here on Howl
  5. Larry is down-on-his-luck until GalCom awards him free passage on a luxury space cruiser. The experimental craft is designed to travel faster than any previous ship of its kind. On board, Larry is surrounded by strange, well-to-do people who won't talk to him. But slowly he starts to hear a flood of mysterious voices in his head. Written, performed and produced by: Richard Haxton Also featuring Nadia Kamil and Chris Bowman Additional writing by: Nick White Sound design and editing by: Jeff Emtman Music by: Richard Haxton Artwork by: Vincent DiFate Here on Howl
  6. Shannon

    Episode 1 - The Topiary

    Rangers Leon and Michael are the only residents of The Topiary - a tiny tourist planet near the edge of the galaxy, lush with exotic plant life. But due to budget cuts The Topiary is shutting down. So Leon decides to document their remaining time together. When their final visitor arrives, things go much differently than Leon expected. Written by: Katya Apekina Featuring Martin Starr, Matt Bush, and Lilan Bowden Directed by: Nick White Sound design and editing by: Jeff Emtman Music from The Black Spot Artwork by: Jorge Jacinto The original print version of this story appears in Bodega Magazine. Here on Howl
  7. Arch's desperate search for Anne leads to a desperate decision. Here on Howl
  8. Anne receives an unexpected call to audition at Loudermilk Studios. Sensing danger, Arch warily accompanies her. Here on Howl
  9. Jeff Garlin asked for those episodes to be removed. So they won't be coming back. Sorry
  10. Shannon

    The Canon Is On Hiatus

    Sorry to confuse, we didn't delete these shows. They just live on Howl.fm for premium customers now. That's the plan with all our shows eventually. 6 months of episodes will be free and have ads, but anything older is ad-free and only available to members. Also, Amy said a week or two ago that The Canon is coming back! So hooraay!
  11. Shannon

    HOWL Premium, HOWL Originals, HOWL.FM

    This is totally not your fault for being confused, we don't have a built-in gifting system at the moment so it isn't the easiest thing to figure out. But you're right, the only way to do it is to essentially go to the website to buy an annual plan with your own email, or an email you create just for Howl and then give the login to the gift recipient. You could use the recipient's email address, but they will automatically notified with a 'welcome!' email that could ruin the surprise. Also, you CANT do this on your phone. When you buy a subscription on the app, it ties it to your AppleID or Google Payments account and then you cannot use that login on a device that isn't tied to that ID. Only annoying catch with this is you'll have to get your friend to remove your credit card from the system before the next year begins, or you'll just be buying them another year. But maybe you'll want to do that! If you ever have other questions about Howl, you can email me at the email in my signature.
  12. Arch and Anne have the feeling that they're being watched. And a return visit to the crypt leads to a shocking discovery. Here on Howl
  13. Legendary parody songwriters Reggie Crimples, Oliver Dandyflower and Mucky Danders (Paul Rust, Neil Campbell and Michael Cassady) stop by to answer holiday advice and sing some silly songs. Here on Howl
  14. Season 2 Finale! Reeling from his playoff victory, X aims to patch things up with Siya and tell the truth, once and for all. Written by: Theo Macabeo Music, Sound Design, Engineer: Charles Stella Here on Howl
  15. The Grizzlies make the playoffs, X gets played and Siya goes furniture shopping. Written by: DK Uzoukwu Music, Sound Design, Engineer: Charles Stell Here on Howl
  16. After an invite from Hugo, X decides to relax and get out of his head with coaching from Luke. Written by: Mike Guayo Music, Sound Design, Engineer: Charles Stella Here on Howl
  17. X gets a taste of the spotlight and let's it get to his head. Hugo begins to make his intentions with X a bit more explicit. Written by: Rikki Edwards Music, Sound, Engineer: Charles Stella Here on Howl
  18. After Hugo's soiree, X decides to grab drinks with Luke to discuss what direction he should go in. Written By: DK Uzoukwu Music, Sound, Engineer: Charles Stella Here on Howl
  19. With its new stadium the city has Dodger fever but Arch and Anne have more than baseball on their minds. The strange events of late are invading their dreams. Here on Howl
  20. Cryptic words from former child star Penny Blake steer Arch and Anne into a shadow world of subterranean tunnels and secret entrances. It seems they're onto something. But is someone onto them? Here on Howl
  21. Arch and Anne attempt to uncover the whereabouts of Anne's missing manager. Meanwhile, Sputnik burned up and there was a mountain lion attack in Griffith Park. 1958 is off to a weird start. And things are about to get weirder. Here on Howl
  22. Is romance blossoming for Arch and Anne, who met by chance the night before? Why is studio chief Henry Loudermilk at the Santa Monica pier threatening a sideshow mermaid? And what was up with those strange lights in the sky? Questions may lead to answers --- and danger. Here on Howl
  23. Los Angeles, New Year's Eve, 1957/58: A movie star attends the premiere of her new film. At a party in the hills, an underemployed announcer and a struggling actress see strange lights in the sky. A former child star gets drunk again. In an underground bunker, a studio chief toasts the future. These post-war denizens of La La Land are hurtling towards destiny -- and each other. Here on Howl
  24. Enjoy these 29 original songs featured in The Mysterious Secrets of Uncle Bertie's Botanarium, Season 1. Season 2 starts in 2017! Here on Howl
  25. Shannon

    Episode 2 - Petite JK

    Lil Esther Povitsky got further than most as a ballerina. Esther and Julian have the privilege of speaking to The director of the Los Angeles Ballet Company about whether Esther should've stuck with it. Here on Howl