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  1. Jon Gabrus wanted to be an FBI Agent in high school. He and Julian welcome 20 year FBI veteran Jim Sheehan into the studio to see if Jon had a chance to make it chasing bad guys. Here on Howl
  2. He's known as the ugliest wrestler of all time. The French Angel had a disease that caused deformity, but his soul would never change. Colin Hunter helps Colt answer the question of one of wrestling's original fringe acts. Here on Howl
  3. Women are just as talented as the men. Japan proved it in the 80s and 90s with some of the most innovative and influential wrestling of all time. Colt and David Bixenspan tell the story of a time when Japanese women's wrestling was dominant. Here on Howl
  4. For years fans could go to a wrestling show and watch a grown man wrestle a bear. This isn't a part of wrestling in current time, but Colt and Dan Lovranski help keep the lure of this odd sideshow attraction alive. Here on Howl
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    Big changes are on the way, but they won't be happening during this particular holiday sale. Super sorry bout that.
  6. Derek Mears portrayed one of the most famous slashers of all time, Jason Voorhees in the 2009 reboot of Friday the 13th. Derek joins Matt to talk about his action hero/cartoon character approach to the character, identifying with the young Tommy in Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter, and why the original ending of the film didn’t test well with audiences. Derek also tells us about encountering a curious Harrison Ford while on the set of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, how he became a Classic Predator in Predators, and his experimental live improv action show The Resistance. Plus, Matt investigates which fictional character from cinema has killed the most people in a new segment called I Was Scared Too. The Resistance is a completely improvised action movie performed live on stage every Sunday night at 9pm at The Comedy Sportz Theater in Los Angeles. Go to https://www.facebook.com/resistancecmdyfor more info! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/31/jason-voorhees-kill-counter_n_2048684.html
  7. Devin & Amy take their versus series to another level as they debate the age old question: Is the remake better than the original? This week they discuss the differences between 2008’s Swedish romantic horror film Let the Right One and 2010’s American remake Let Me In. Which will be entered into the canon as one of the greatest vampire films of all time? Tune into hear Devin & Amy defend their favorite version -- and head to the forums on Wolfpop to cast the deciding vote!
  8. Hoot Gibson (Andy Daly) and the Rat Pack (Matt Gourley, Jeremy Carter, and Baron Vaughn) cap off their night of shooting on Ocean’s 11 by catching a Don Rickles (Dana Snyder) show at the Sands Hotel and Casino. The next day, Hoot is back at his day job at The New Frontier, when two Kansas City mobsters (Jon Gabrus and James Urbaniak) steal a fortune meant to save the local orphanage! Now Hoot must lead an Oceans‐style heist of his own, with a little help from Frank, Dean, and Sammy, as well as Angie Dickinson (Rachel Bloom). Can they pull the job to steal back the loot and save the orphanage? Here on Howl
  9. X attends Hugo Alexander's soiree and, while rubbing shoulders with the elite, lets his guard down. Written By: Rikki Edwards Music, Sound, Engineer: Charles Stella Here on Howl
  10. What glorious possible futures await the Supremes? Will Spot and Mittens get the vote? How will Justice Judge Judy rule? How come the first temp-to-perm Millennial Chief Justice crowd-sources his decisions but can’t get health coverage? When does cloning make it possible for dead rich old white men to control the Court? And after Clarence Thomas establishes the legal principle of 3/5ths of One Man One Court, how does the Trump dynasty ride to the rescue of a grateful nation?\ Here on Howl
  11. All Hell breaks loose when white – but not rich or old – men infiltrate the Court and un-decide what has been decided, like segregation and the pursuit of happiness through whiskey and decide that women may decide what to do with their own bodies, that guns are good and corporate lives matter. Justice Scalia decides Hell is too politically correct. Justice Roberts decides he is smarter than you and everyone decides to watch the new warm and wacky ABC sitcom Full Court. Here on Howl
  12. The scrappy young Supreme Court decides “No-one is Supremer than us, right?” starts the Civil War, determines how much blackness in your ancestry makes you black and therefore members of a separate race (1/8th); and establishes the legal principle of Stare Decisis. (Latin for “Rich old white men rule!”) Here on Howl
  13. While Dean (Jeremy Carter) and Sammy (Baron Vaughn) shoot their scene for Oceans 11, Hoot Gibson (Andy Daly) regales Frank Sinatra (Matt Gourley) with an incredible tale of the atomic age. Hoot stumbles upon a plan by Russian saboteurs (Pat Fraley and Scott Brick) to steal a new experimental atomic cannon from the Nevada Test Site. Hoot narrowly escapes to Grace Hayes’ (Amanda Lund) club, where a chance meeting with Howard Hughes (Paul F. Tompkins) leads to thrilling air combat and a race against time to save the entire world from unspeakable destruction. Can they save the world? Here on Howl
  14. X's lifestyle causes concern for all of the women in his life; Luke suggests a lonely X explore alternate dating options. Writer: Mike Gauyo Music, Sound Design, Engineering: Charles Stella Here on Howl
  15. The super hilarious Josh Dean (Conman, Blindspot) join Aaron and Kevin to investigate Season 6, Episode 1 of Columbo - “Fade In To Murder." In this episode, William Shatner gives an insane and uber-meta performance as an actor playing a detective on a TV show who’s trying to solve a murder that he committed - while also trying to get away with that murder. Josh, Kevin and Aaron attempt to decipher it while discussing why it’s one of the most confounding and wonderful television performances ever. Plus, Josh gets angry at factoids! Here on Howl
  16. The delightful husband and wife comedy duo Matt Hobby and Mary Grill join Aaron and Kevin to investigate Season 4, Episode 2 of Columbo - “Negative Reaction." Together, they discuss murder nightmares, hobo-crimes, soup theft, shooting yourself in the face and the worst crime of all…caffeine-free Pepsi. Plus, Aaron starts a feud with Judge Reinhold. Here on Howl
  17. The incredibly funny comedian and Columbo superfan Rhea Butcher (Take My Wife) joins Aaron and Kevin to investigate Season 2, Episode 1 of Columbo - “Etude in Black." In this episode, they discuss the horrors of John Cassevettes, the beauty of Blythe Danner while they try not to laugh at the word “pianist”. Also Rhea gets her aptitude for murder tested by playing “A Truth and A Lie." Plus, LA traffic humor! Here on Howl
  18. The very amazing and hilarious Paul F. Tompkins (Bajillion Dollar Properties, Spontaneanation, Superego) joins Aaron and Kevin to investigate Season 1, Episode 1 of Columbo - “Murder By The Book." Together, they discuss Jack Cassidy’s glorious moustache, Peter Falk’s troglodyte voice and Columbo going after Dick Cheney. Plus, Kevin suffers a stroke! Here on Howl
  19. Magnifique! Diane Franklin, the princess of 80’s movies, joins Matt to chat about her role as the French foreign exchange student Monique Junet in Better Off Dead. Diane talks about her character being an ace baseball pitcher, expert skier, and overall bad-ass, why you should have to be able to act without words, the controversy surrounding John Cusack being upset after watching Better Off Dead for the first time, and more. Diane also tells us about her cut prom scene in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, her book Diane Franklin: The Excellent Adventures of the Last American, French-Exchange Babe of the 80s, and her idea for a Babes of the 80’s party. Plus, Matt has a special assignment for all of you Siri users in a new segment called I am Always There Too! Today’s sponsor is Casper Mattresses - obsessively engineered American-made mattresses at a shockingly fair price. And now, you can get $50 toward any mattress purchase by going to casper.com/iwtt and using code iwtt!
  20. Hi My Babies!!! Are any of y'all coming to Now Hear This? Should we have a meetup?! I was wondering if anyone had any interest in a forum meetup during the conference? I would be happy to help schedule something with an official time and place. But I needed to know if there is any interest or if anyone has ideas for times and days that would work. If everyone would prefer to stay a username and not a face I totally understand, but I thought it might be fun. Let me know what you think!
  21. Of course it's cool! Good looking out! I would never ban you for fixing an oversight like this. No worries
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    Hey ma dudes, The newsletter did promise Hannibal today but... ugh, things happen. Anyway, it's coming very soon! I promise we will make it known once it's here! Thanks for your patience and sorry again for false hopes.
  23. Backstage on the set of Ocean’s 11, Hoot Gibson (Andy Daly) tells a new tale of the Old West to the Rat Pack (Matt Gourley, Jeremy Carter, and Baron Vaughn). This time, Hoot, silent movie star Tom Mix (John Ross Bowie), and technical consultant Wyatt Earp (Hal Lublin) leave the set of their latest picture for one last ride through the untamed West. They head out to Las Vegas to see the Colorado River before the Boulder Dam is built, and run into a heap of trouble along the way! Can they survive a deadly standoff with the mysterious Nathan (Mark McConville) at the Old Mormon Fort? Here on Howl
  24. A young boy recounts the psychologically and physically debilitating effects of magical mirror poisoning.Created by Anna Rubanova and Siobhan Thompson. Edited by Anna Rubanova and Adam Bozarth. Featuring Jo Firestone as The Boy, Brett White as Dr. Troll, Grant O'Brien as the Father, Siobhan as the Mother, Mike Trapp as the Therapist and Katie Marovitch as Gerda. Here on Howl
  25. With the league investigation still pending, X is forced to answer, and ask, tough questions all while having to face his past involvement. Written By: Theo Macabeo Music, Sound Design, Engineering: Charles Stella Here on Howl