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  1. Matt Walsh joins Besser to quiz their audience on the latest NFL draft and Prince’s real name. Later, Besser plays the 40% game, learning how many people in the audience eat fruit, and how many like to hang out with their girlfriend’s parents. Here on Howl
  2. Shannon

    Episode 4 - Say My Name

    A lonely, aging Rumpelstiltskin relates his struggle to legally adopt a child, leading to a bizarre extortion attempt. Created by Anna Rubanova and Siobhan Thompson. Edited by Anna Rubanova and Adam Bozarth. Featuring Jon Daly as Rumpelstiltskin, Dawn Luebbe as Queen Dolores and Adam as Man on Street. Here on Howl
  3. Cowboy movie star and Las Vegas entrepreneur Hoot Gibson (Andy Daly) meets up with Frank Sinatra (Matt Gourley), Dean Martin (Jeremy Carter), and Sammy Davis Jr. (Baron Vaughn) backstage at the Sands Hotel and Casino to shoot his scene for the new motion picture Oceans 11. While they wait, Hoot regales the Rat Pack with a story from back when he was owner of Hoot Gibson’s D4C Ranch and Casino. Hollywood ingénue Sophie Pembroke (Molly Quinn) arrives on the ranch to secure her divorce, but first Hoot and Sophie will have to deal with movie tough guy Tom Pembroke (Weird Al Yankovic), in an adventure that takes them through the Las Vegas Strip all the way to an old west theme park and the Little Church of the West. Can Hoot save the day? Here on Howl
  4. The Alexander Group holds an all hands meeting where tempers flare and the anonymous texter comes clean. Written By: DK Uzoukwu Music, Sound Design & Engineering : Charles Stella Here on Howl
  5. Live Comedy Bang! Bang! performance from Leeds featuring Scott Aukerman, Paul F. Tompkins as Sully Sullenberger, Jon Gabrus as Lord Denethor/Gino the Intern and Mike Hanford as Peter Finn. Here on Howl
  6. Shannon

    HOWL Premium, HOWL Originals, HOWL.FM

    If you haven't sent me an email to support@howl.fm yet, please do! I would be happy to refund that extra payment for you.
  7. Shannon

    The Canon Is On Hiatus

    I would be happy to update this thread with any news as it comes along. As for any other questions, all I know and all we can say is in the original post. As for this community, please please feel free to keep posting here! If you guys want me to make a separate sub thread for you to talk about movies or whatever, I would be more than happy to. I would adore it if this community could continue during this hiatus.
  8. Live Comedy Bang! Bang! performance from London featuring Scott Aukerman, Paul F. Tompkins as Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jon Gabrus as Gino the Intern and Mike Hanford as John Lennon. Here on Howl
  9. Shannon

    Harris After Dark Week 5

    Jon Anik, who’d been dominant with his picks, stumbled a bit last week but he’s still far above .500, while Chris Harris somehow keeps submitting weeks where he goes 7-7, and then curses up a storm about it. For Week 5, they bring out the big guns, focusing in on the Raiders and Packers to find you some big winners. Here on Howl
  10. Shannon

    Harris After Dark Week 4

    Anik is red-hot and Harris is coming off his second straight .500 week, but both of Harris After Dark’s voices are making you money, and in Week 4 they agree on almost every game. Consensus like that doesn’t happen all the time, so this could be a good week to jump aboard. (Or it could be a good week to fade the guys like crazy.) Special bonus: find out what Anik’s next tattoo may be! Here on Howl
  11. Shannon

    Harris After Dark Week 3

    Week 3 is coming our way, with several huge point spreads just begging you to take the underdog. CLE at MIA, SF at SEA, CHI at DAL and DET at GB are all listed at a touchdown or more. But should you take the cheese? Or are the better teams destined to win by a ton? Harris and Anik get you set to think about your Week 3 slate of games, and tell you what they’ve seen on film to get you ready for action. Here on Howl
  12. Shannon

    Episode 3 - Pledge Drive

    An anthropomorphic egg with a sleep disorder falls off of a wall. And, after a terrible “witch accident,” a selfish prince becomes addicted to cosmetic surgery. Created by Anna Rubanova and Siobhan Thompson. Edited by Anna Rubanova and Adam Bozarth. Featuring Adam Bozarth as Humpty Dumpty and Aaron Jackson as The Beast. Here on Howl
  13. The fallout of the Laurelson Scandal has everyone in a frenzy. While X scrambles to figure out who the anonymous texter is, he has a chance encounter. Contains Explicit Content. Listener Discretion Advised. Music, Sound Design and Engineering: Charles Stella Here on Howl
  14. Hi Gang! You may have started to hear ads for the Earwolf Loves You Newsletter, and I think you should sign up if you haven't already! Just go to the homepage and enter your info in the Newsletter box on the right side of the page. This newsletter goes out every other Wednesday and is written by yours truly! I think you might really like it Missed all the newsletters up until now? Not sure what one of these newsletters would look like? Check out the previous issues below... "]March 21 "]April 4 April 18 May 2 May 18 June 8 June 22 July 6 July 20 August 3 August 17 August 31 September 15 September 28 Hope to see you in your inbox!
  15. Two siblings work through the trauma of having to kill in self-defense. Created by Anna Rubanova and Siobhan Thompson. Edited by Anna Rubanova and Adam Bozarth. Featuring Ben Warheit as Hansel and Laura Willcox as Gretel. Here on Howl
  16. In this episode, the teachers take some questions, comments, and suggestions from their ill conceived suggestion box, which they've affectionately named The Suggestion Tube. Later, they're joined by their guest, Marla Nuvaring (Jennie Pierson), to discuss everything from Menopause: The Musical, to riding bears. Here on Howl
  17. Mr. Cravy and mayoral hopeful Mr. Levi's are mired in scandal, Mr. Weatherman makes some headway with his new limo company, and Mr. Padre finds a new love. Then, The Rumor Chick (Betsy Sodaro) stops by to drop some school gossip, including a couple of bomb shells that the teachers may never be able to come back from. Here on Howl
  18. Todd goes to therapy, and tries to track down two students who mysteriously died in his class, while Mr. Weatherman tries to promote his deadly limo company with flyers. Mr. Cravy loses another basketball game, and Mr. Levi’s comes into money, though his campaign is struggling. Then, Ex-Principal Ray Coufus (Ronnie Adrian) stops by to clear his name, and talk to us about his new Karate Dojo. Here on Howl
  19. Todd gets roasted by his ex-wife’s handsome new high school boyfriend. Mr. Levi's disagrees with handicap parking, and gives skateboarding a try. We play another one of Mr Padre’s fun word games, and are joined by school librarian Harriet Splooge (Mary Holland). She discusses her failed book fair, making reading sexy again, and the theme for the rapidly approaching prom. Here on Howl
  20. In the pilot episode of Hamilton High School's first, best, and only podcast hosted by teachers tackling issues about the Hamilton community, Mr. Cravy, Mr. Levi's, Mr. Padre, and Mr. Weatherman discuss some pet peeves, the perils of boogie boarding, and Mr. Levi's announces his mayoral campaign. Then, shop teacher Klaus Kendall (Paul F. Tompkins) comes by to share his deep respect for wood and hatred of animal. Here on Howl
  21. Live Comedy Bang! Bang! performance from Manchester, England featuring Scott Aukerman, Jon Gabrus as Gino the Intern, Mike Hanford as John Lennon and Paul F. Tompkins as Buddy Valastro (Cake Boss). Here on Howl
  22. Live Comedy Bang! Bang! performance from Nottingham featuring Scott Aukerman, Jon Gabrus as Gino the Intern, Paul F. Tompkins as JW Stillwater and Mike Hanford as Justin Hoffman. Here on Howl
  23. Check out this great animated preview for our newest Howl show! This clip is from episode #4 - Starring Jon Daly
  24. A Cobbler who makes unethical footwear argues in favor of more deadly shoes. Created by Anna Rubanova and Siobhan Thompson. Edited by Anna Rubanova and Adam Bozarth. Featuring Paul Welsh as Hair Schumaker, Laura Willcox as Silvija, Adam Bozarth as Puss in Boots, and Anna, Siobhan and Adam as the Elves. Here on Howl
  25. Matt Besser asks his audience who their favorite zoo animals are, and tells a story from the set of Walk Hard. Later, he regales the crowd with some classic insults and ad libs, and tells a hippie how long to let his freak flag fly. Here on Howl