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  1. OMG YES TRACY! Phantom IS a terrible!! I'm glad they did not edit out this controversy, it needed to be heard. I could seriously write a 9 paragraph screed right now, but I won't cause a lot of people really love that musical and I don't wanna be that person. But I needed to publicly agree with Tracy's statement.
  2. Shannon

    The Forum Forum

    bahahahahahah no. I was just poking around yesterday looking at some of our oldest and most prolific posters for top secret fun reasons. You're not in any trouble I promise!
  3. Beck Bennett comes by to talk money, music and pepperoni pizza. Here on Howl
  4. Shannon

    Harris After Dark Week 1

    The 2016 NFL season is finally upon us! Christopher Harris and Jon Anik begin a season of handicapping fun by picking every Week 1 game against the spread, giving you their DraftKings tentpole picks, and helping your Survivor pool. Plus in this week’s show, discover what the words “ubiquitous,” “inimitable” and “pelican” have in common. Enjoy! Here on Howl
  5. John welcomes Mary Holland to the show. They offer advice, discuss the importance of pocket props and agree to disagree. Here on Howl
  6. Shannon

    Harris After Dark Week 2

    After a money-making first week, the boys are back to pick the Week 2 games, and weigh in on New England’s unthinkable win in Arizona, the utter insanity of the Vikings’ Week 1 game plan, and what Case Keenum’s wife thinks when we say he should never start another NFL game. Plus the best bets on the DraftKings and Week 2 Survivor picks. Here on Howl
  7. John teams up with The Doughboys (Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell) to form a Q and A triple threat. Here on Howl
  8. Things get off to a rocky start when John babysits his neighbor Walter (Fran Gillespie). Here on Howl
  9. Things get zany when Squeaks, John’s longtime guitar tech and little gray mouse (Paul Rust) drops by to answer questions and reminisce. Here on Howl
  10. Our second stop on the Comedy Bang! Bang! tour of Australia is at the beautiful Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne. Scott catches up with formerly dead Beatle John Lennon (Mike Hanford) who shares his idea for a helicopter tour business. J.W. Stillwater (Paul F. Tompkins) is in the country to dig up the cold case of the mysterious disappearance of Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt 50 years ago. And pop star Whitney Peeps (Lauren Lapkus) graces the show to announce her engagement and promote abstinence. Here on Howl
  11. Our third stop on the Australian tour is at The Metro in Sydney, where the audience is giving a standing ovation from start to finish because apparently this is a rock club with no chairs. Special guest Claudia O'Doherty (of Glebe!) joins us and has new found confidence now she is meeting Scott on her home turf. Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber (Paul F. Tompkins) is in town premiering a new musical about Australian wildlife at the Sydney Opera House. Tracey Reardon (Lauren Lapkus) also finds herself in Sydney on her continuing search to find her parents, and hay-monger Calvin Redding (Mike Handford) stops by to eventually tell us a story. Here on Howl
  12. Writer and comedian D.C. Pierson joins Matt to chat about his role as Aaron, the Apple store employee who helps and potentially hinders Captain America and Black Widow on their rogue quest for information in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Their conversation on D.C.’s 26 second scene of screen time covers the surprisingly good feeling you get on a trip to the Apple store, comics, their specific feelings on the Target stores in their neighborhood, and more. Plus, Matt shares a teaser from Paul F. Tompkins exciting new podcast “Spontaneanation” which is available now on Earwolf. This episode is sponsored by Draftkings. Hurry to Draft Kings.com NOW and use promo code DRAFT5 to play for free in the hundred thousand dollar fantasy baseball contest on Opening Day! First place takes home ten thousand dollars.
  13. VERY IMPORTANT EARWOLF ANNOUNCEMENT Hello Dear Listeners. Today we will begin our rollout of Earwolf’s ad-free archives into Howl Premium. This has been in the works since Howl’s launch, but has proven to be much more complex than we initially thought. We feel awful that we have not been able to get these out into the world sooner, and have been working tirelessly to fulfill the promise we made to you. This process is still a work in progress, but we have decided that we will begin rolling out ad-free shows as they are ready to go. So 12 shows will be rolled out this week, but more on that later. To thank you for your patience, all Howl Premium subscribers will receive a one time use coupon in their email for 40% off orders at the Earwolf store. How will this benefit my favorite Earwolf Hosts? Please see this post from Scott Aukerman explaining why we made this change and how it is beneficial to your favorite Earwolf hosts. What happens when a show goes ad-free? When a show becomes ad-free in Howl for premium members, the archives will eventually be de-published from iTunes and Earwolf.com. Archives in this context are any episode of a show that is older than 6 months. But before a show’s archives are de-published, it will be announced here in advance. What does this mean for me? IF YOU ARE A HOWL PREMIUM MEMBER – Once an Earwolf show goes ad-free for Howl premium, episodes that are older than 6 WEEKS will have NO ADS when logged in as premium. The 6 most recent weeks will have ads regardless of your premium status. This is due to our contracts with advertisers. But once an episode is older than 6 WEEKS, it will be ad-free for you in Howl. IF YOU ARE NOT A HOWL PREMIUM MEMBER – Once an Earwolf show goes ad-free for Howl premium, any episode that is older than 6 MONTHS will no longer be available. Once an episode becomes 6 MONTHS old, it will be removed from iTunes and Earwolf. But the most recent 6 MONTHS worth of episodes will always be available to you, with ads, in the same places they have always been. Still confused? Here are two handy tables: Which shows will be ad-free first? The following shows are now ad-free for premium users in the mobile apps (not on Howl.FM yet, but will be shortly). But this first batch will not be de-published quite yet. We will let you know when that happens. Shortwave with Grant Lee Phillips Rafflecast The reality SHOW show Owen & TJ Read The News Mike Detective Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project The Wolf Den Love, Dad Professor Blastoff Who Charted? The Earwolf Challenge U Talkin’ U2 To Me? (will not be depublished in iTunes, but will be ad free for Howl Premium members) Comedy Bang Bang (as of 7/1) I Was There Too (as of 7/13) How Did This Get Made (as of 7/13) Cracked (as of 7/13) The Canon (as of 9/1) Nerd Poker (as of 9/1) As new shows are added, it will be announced here and they will be added to the list. Why are those shows being launched? These shows’ archives are more than 95% ad free. Which means our engineering team has stripped the ads for more than 95% of the episodes in the archive. This means a few shows have an episode or two that will still have ads in them. These episodes will be available to non-premium members because they still have ads. We felt this was the least confusing way to go about it. For example, if we went ad-free for a show that’s only 50% stripped, premium users would hear ads half the time and that would be a confusing experience. As new shows cross the 95% ad-free threshold, we will launch them, and announce it here. Every show will be 100% ad-free eventually. How can I keep track of which shows are launched and which episodes are ad-free? If you are listening to an episode and find it has ads, before emailing support, you can check this Google Doc to see if it is known whether that ep still has ads. This doc updates daily so you will always know which episodes should be ad free and which will not. This is a work in progress. Please bear with us. We will get to 100% ad free for everything eventually. If you have any questions at all, please ask me here or email support@howl.fm. Thank you for your patience while we make this transition. I know that it is going to be a big change that will take some getting used to from everyone. We really appreciate your love and support for our great content.
  14. The Canon and Nerd Poker archives are now ad-free for members!
  15. Our final stop on the Comedy Bang! Bang! tour is on the other side of the country at the Astor Theatre in Perth. Scott catches up some more with John Lennon (Mike Hanford) who muses on a few more business ideas. John also chats about the Christmas songs he and Paul McCartney wrote, which provokes a visit from Santa (Paul F. Tompkins) and Ho-Ho the Naughty Elf (Lauren Lapkus), culminating in a rap battle. Here on Howl
  16. Shannon

    Episode 6 - Clerks

    This month Amy & Devin walk you through Kevin Smith's Canon-worthy 1994 film 'Clerks'. Join Devin, Amy, Randall, Dante, Jay, Silent Bob & Walt Flanagan as they guide you scene by scene through philosophical Star Wars debates, rooftop hockey games, and the moral dilemmas of the working man. Sync with your movie or listen as a standalone, either way, I assure you we're open. Here on Howl
  17. Shannon

    Episode 64 - Broadcast News

    Devin and Amy are going back to the 80's for another workplace romantic comedy. This week Devin nominates the 1987 James L. Brooks film Broadcast News to be entered into The Canon. The film stars Holly Hunter as Jane, an assertive television news producer, Albert Brooks as Aaron, a brilliant yet prickly reporter, and William Hurt as Tom, the charismatic but far less seasoned rival of Aaron. Listen to find out if Amy can find anything to like about the movie -- and head to the forums on Wolfpop to cast the deciding vote!
  18. In the first stop on the down under tour, Scott Aukerman hosts a live Comedy Bang! Bang! under the huge pipe organ in Brisbane City Hall, Australia. Scott has dragged along his nephew Todd (Lauren Lapkus) for the trip to meet with Cake Boss (Paul F. Tompkins), who has had a string of bad luck in Australia. Later we meet a new character, sexpert “Little Bump” The One-Pump Chump (Mike Hanford). Here on Howl
  19. This week Devin Faraci and Amy Nicholson debate whether or not Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is a seminal motion picture in Hollywood history that belongs in the canon. Can Devin’s argument that the movie is made for 3rd grade boys change Amy’s mind on the racism and misogyny? Does this movie make Crystal Skull look much better? Is Short Round Indy’s friend or child slave? Tune in for the battle -- and head to the forums to cast the deciding vote! Plus, we’ll find out if Goodfellas made it into the canon.
  20. Thanks to shows like Ancient Aliens, the idea that early civilizations could create structures like the Great Pyramids without supernatural help is being questioned more than ever. On this second installment of Good Question, Jack learns about the staggering things prehistoric peoples were able to accomplish, no aliens required. First, he will talk to Charles Mann, the author of "1491," about the surprisingly advanced technology North Americans had before Columbus arrived. Then, Jack interviews historian Felipe Fernandez-Armesto about the roles of art, gender and cannibalism in ancient civilizations. Here on Howl
  21. Shannon

    Next Level with Chris Tallman

    There are already THREE episodes of Next Level on Howl right now!! If you haven't signed up yet, use promo code NEXT when you sign up on the website for a free month, and show Chris your support for the show!
  22. In this episode of OMFG! Investigates, Emily Foster and Deanna Cheng head to a swanky apartment building on Vine street in Hollywood where they learned a bunch of famous Viners all live together. After meeting fan girls outside, and getting into the apartment building and actually spotting famous viners, the two finally the attempt to answer the question: Is Vine dead? Here on Howl
  23. You know Paget Brewster from Criminal Minds, Friends and Comedy Central’s Another Period — but did you know she used to host her very own talk show? Paget and host Chris Tallman go deep on acting tips, reality shows and then bring in one of her favorites: Jon Cryer. Sure, you know Cryer from his role as Pretty in Pink’s Duckie or from Two and Half Man, but the man is a fountain of great Hollywood stories and has the better taste in podcasts than you. Don’t believe us? Take a listen. Here on Howl
  24. Cameron H, I love people who are just discovering their love for musicals and could literally talk to you about this forever and suggest musicals forever (I mean if you want that, message me, lol) but I feel like I NEED to tell you, if you liked the history aspect of Hamilton you should definitely listen to Assassins by Stephen Sondheim. It's my favorite musical, and also a favorite of Rachel Bloom, Daniel O'Brien and PFT. Okay, plug over. I love this show too much. I had to hold back tears when Kristin walked in the office.
  25. You might know and love Dana Snyder for his voice acting — among the many highlights on his resume includes bringing to life Master Shake on Adult Swim’s “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” but he’s also an expert on old time comedy, Disney kitsch and Tiki bars. We bring in Jeff “Beachbum” Berry — a man who’s made a career out of researching and singing the praises of American tiki culture. Here on Howl