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    Episode 105 - Megan Amram!

    If you are on Twitter, there is a good chance that you are in love with Megan Amram. We don’t blame you! We love her and we loved talking to her about migraines, food expiration dates, infidelity and prostitution, diet pills, goulash, and so so SO much more
  2. Steve, that was truly, truly awesome.
  3. I agree so hard. I luff him
  4. Hey Everybody!!! I'm Shannon! I'm the new moderator here! I love the Earwolf network more than I can say, because they save me from the horrid monotony of my desk job. I'm so excited to hang out here with you guys and geek out about our favorite shows!! My friend Danielle (known here henceforth as nbclatenight) will also be moderating with me and we both want to do our best to make these boards an awesome place. It may take us a little while to get acclimated, so please be patient with us while we learn how to best make things work around here. Please don't hesitate to contact either of us about anything you may need. We really want to get all of your questions answered and problems fixed as soon as possible. Okay enough business! I want you guys to introduce yourselves! I want to get to know you! I'll start. Like I said, I'm Shannon! I live in Austin, TX which is the most awesome place on Earth if you were unaware. I'm a singer who dreams of someday getting the balls to be a professional voice actor. I love comedy and fortunately get to spend a lot of time at Cap City Comedy Club here where I've met so many amazing comedians and laughed harder than I thought possible. I really love all the Earwolf podcasts but if I had to pick a top three I'd go with Who Charted?, Totally Laime, and How Did This Get Made. I also listen to a bunch of other podcasts like Doug Loves Movies and Jordan Jesse Go! (but maybe I'm not supposed to talk about those other guys here ) Truly, my boring job is only bearable because I get to keep funny people in my ears all day. I am also obsessed with a lot of tv shows and other nerdoms that I'm sure I'll be posting in Off Topic about a lot. I'm really really excited to be your mod here!! I think we're gonna have fun. Alright, your turn!!
  5. Shannon

    Episode 62 — Indie Cred

    My inner 8 year old feels like she MUST bring up this correction... There is no Paul Jonas. There is a Kevin and a Frankie though. And Taylor Hanson does not play drums, that was Zac. But the confidence in which the names were delivered were amazingly hilarious.
  6. Shannon

    Voice Similarities

    I love this thread... I feel like I have a few examples but I need to think about it more... will post again when I think of them!
  7. Shannon

    Shameless :(

  8. Shannon

    Episode 8 — Analyze Phish Episode 4

    I listened to this one again today. I don't think I'll ever get sick of it. "Would anybody like coconut water?"
  9. Shannon

    Episode 61 — Time Traveling Skrillex

    So, snaggletooth or Italy?
  10. Shannon

    Episode 29 — Trespass

    OOf. I decided to watch Trespass last night even though I knew I probably shouldn't have. I honestly think if I hadn't read through the wikipedia page and listened to this episode first, I wouldn't have caught any of the big "twists" It was just too hard to pay attention! I didn't care about anyone at all. I noticed during several of the bad guy monologues that I hadn't been listening for even a second. This one wasn't even fun to watch... But the episode was good! I think sometimes it really is better to just let the gang tell me about the movies, some are just too painful.
  11. Shannon

    Episode 29 — Trespass

    The use of the Doug theme song is really excellent. Way to take on the challenge Drew!
  12. EEEP! So many shirt designs! HOW WILL THEY EVER CHOOSE?!?
  13. Shannon

    Shameless :(

    Thanks for donating Sarah WE LOVE YOU!!!
  14. Shannon

    Episode 8 — Analyze Phish Episode 4

    Wow. What an experience. I'd almost forgotten how much I love getting f'ed up with hippies until I heard everyone that shouted at Scott. THE MAZE BRO
  15. Chase, that pixel art is SO AWESOME. I love it. My boyfriend and I sat down and watched Birdemic last night and I literally couldn't believe my eyes or ears. Mostly my ears, holy shit that sound editing was so terrible and the bird screeches!! We had to mute the last 15 minutes of the movie because I was literally about to throw something through the tv just to make the sound stop. I was just so dumbfounded by every moment of the film. The incessant need to change the camera immediately to the person speaking even if they just say "yeah" was nauseating! The environmental monologues by crazy beach scientist and weird forest hippie were special gems, truly. It was a pretty fun movie to talk and riff through, but the last half hour I really was losing my patience and it stopped being fun and got more annoying. I definitely won't be watching that again... unless I get really really really drunk first.
  16. Shannon

    Episode 104 — Best of Year Two!

    What a fantastic episode. I couldn't stop laughing along with Elizabeth and Andy. I think the double laughter of Elizabeth laughing over the clips was the icing on the cake. You guys should make each other hysterically giggle more often. HOORAY TWO YEARS OF TOTALLY LAIME!
  17. Shannon

    Episode 60 — Dale! Dale! Dale!

    Okay there has to be at least one other Country listener out there who noticed that the song that was played for "Let It Rain" was totally not that song... But as established on all episodes with Country charts, no one actually likes it. So whatever. I unabashedly love Country music for reasons I cannot explain. Probably because I've been listening to it all my life and it's so familiar. I can leave the country station on for hours without even noticing. I totally agree that most of the time the lyrics are incredibly stupid, but a lot of the guys (Billy Currington, Blake Shelton, Josh Turner) have really sexy voices and I'll listen to them sing anything. But all my country ramblings aside, great episode! I really love the zombie song. Nice work Howie