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  1. Shannon

    The Masked Engineer, Our Masked Friend

    SPOILERS!!!! Here is a video of the Jackal's reveal---
  2. Shannon

    Mail Returned to Sender

    Oh no! So sorry! The mailbox place moved down the street a few weeks ago! It's now... Earwolf Media, LLC. 5551 Hollywood Blvd, #66 Los Angeles, CA 90028 I will get this changed on Earwolf.com as soon as possible. So sorry for the trouble again
  3. Shannon

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    Hey popping in this thread because I assume y'all will be active today... Paul is trying to find a post or user that has been tracking the total time of movies watched + podcast hours? Or something? If anyone can point us in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!!!
  4. Wanna work with us? We have a lot of jobs open right now, but are particularly looking to fill dev roles in our San Fransisco office. Check out all the available jobs in our company right here: https://www.stitcher.us/careers/
  5. Shannon

    Earwolf LA Studio Tables

    Hi Earwolfen! As you may have seen on the Earwolf insta stories, we finally moved out of our old Hollywood studios today. So I remembered that I promised someone on Reddit table signatures forever ago! I actually took these pictures so long ago, that a lot of these have rubbed off or been written over, so that makes it even more time capsule-y. Enjoy!! Earwolf Loves You! PICS ON PICS ON PICS
  6. This week, our beloved How Did This Get Made is celebrating 200 episodes! That's almost 8 years and an absurd amount of bad movie watching. We want to celebrate this milestone with all of you, the wonderful fans that keep it all going! Share your thoughts and stories and you could win a fun surprise, or get a shout out on the show! I'm sure you're all overflowing with feelings, so some points to help get you started... What was your first episode of HDTGM? Favorite catchphrase? A clip or moment that you'll always remember? (timestamps are nice ) The episode you revisit the most The movie that you loved or hated watching How HDTGM fits into your weekly routine What the show has meant to you after all these years or any other sappy stuff Let us know all or some or none of these things by posting here or sharing on any social media with the hashtag #HDTGM200 and let's all celebrate HDTGM!
  7. Shannon

    Pulled episodes, HDTGM

    Hrm, I am seeing the same thing. Unfortunately, I don't work on the Stitcher Premium team anymore so I have no info for you. But if you email support@stitcher.com someone over there should be able to investigate for you.
  8. Conan O’Brien really needs a friend. But does he need a podcast? Turns out he does. If only to find that friend. Conan’s bringing his favorite celebrity guests by the studio for some friendly conversations. In the meantime, he is joined by his dependable assistant Sona Movsesian, in an attempt to figure out why a venerable TV legend like himself might want to start a podcast in the first place. Is it really for the friendship, or just the fortune and glory? Or is it maybe to show everyone else just how wrong they’ve been doing it up to now? Weekly episodes start this fall. Subscribe now so you don’t miss the biggest podcast event of the year! TRAILER
  10. Matt and Andy are back with Season 2 of the Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project coming to you for FREE September 6th! Get your eardrums ready for a lil’ taste with this teaser trailer. Check out The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project Apple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/andy-daly-podcast-pilot-project/id774375605?mt=2&at=1l3va5V&ct=wp Stitcher: https://bit.ly/StitcherADPPP
  11. Shannon

    Custom Magnet

    Michelle! Check your DMs! I sent the info for you there Congrats on making it onto the show!
  12. Shannon

    Audio guy wants in!

    I am pretty sure we (Earwolf) will be hiring more engineers early next year, and that other departments are hiring right now. Just keep your eye on this page: http://www.midroll.com/jobs/ (And make sure you write my name down as your referrer )
  13. Dr Adi Jaffe is a world renowned specialist in mental health, addiction and shame who has spoken at multiple TEDx events and has a doctorate in psychology from UCLA. He joins Jonathan to about addiction and alternative treatments, the negative consequences of shame, and abstinence based treatment is not the only method to recovery. Find Dr Adi Jaffe’s work at https://www.facebook.com/dradijaffe/ & on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dradijaffe/ & Twitter https://twitter.com/dradijaffe Read more about Dr. Jaffe’s book The Abstinence Myth here: https://www.theabstinencemyth.com/ For more music from Quiñ head to TheQuinCat.com. Jonathan is on Instagram @JVN. Also Twitter and Facebook. Catch Jonathan on Queer Eye streaming now on Netflix. Reach out with your curious questions at (323) 606-9351.
  14. This episode just made me miss Go Bayside! so so so so much
  15. Shannon

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    The person who can probably fix this has been on vacay! But he will be back next week and he will do his best to fix it!